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China (Shenzhen) International Talent Training Center or CIPTC (website) is a vice bureau-level institution jointly organized by the State Council Intellectual Property Office (State Administration of Foreign Experts) and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, which was established in 1991. CIPTC is the only training institution in South China qualified to dispatch groups and personnel for overseas training on official business, the training base for civil servants recognized by the Organization Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, and the only teaching and management institution for continuing education and distance education for professionals and technicians recognized by Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. In 2007, it was renamed as “Shenzhen International Talent Training Center” and transferred to the management of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission during the reform of Shenzhen institutions.

Located in the central area of Futian, the 25-story International Talent Building is situated on Fuzhong Road, adjacent to the Civic Center, with three subway lines close by. Its perfect facilities, convenient transportation, standardized management and warm service have attracted people from all walks of life to come and study, and universities at home and abroad have also set up academic education and cadre training platforms in the center. The Center has a team of professional teachers and teaching management teams who are well versed in the ancient and modern worlds and who can use the foreign for the Chinese, with international vision and Chinese characteristics. It has standard classrooms, multimedia classrooms, modern lecture halls and teaching facilities such as Liancheng Restaurant and Talent Hotel (All Seasons Hotel), which can accommodate more than 300 people and teach more than 3,000 people at the same time.

CIPTC insists on the purpose of serving for reform and opening up, serving for building a modern and internationalized city in Shenzhen, “based in Shenzhen, facing overseas, serving the whole country”, giving full play to the advantages of being adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, having extensive international exchanges, easy to introduce overseas intelligence, etc., actively carrying out various training activities at home and abroad, devoting to let the West understand China and let China go global. Over the years, we have held more than 800 foreign-related training sessions, with more than 25,000 participants, and more than 5,000 domestic training sessions, with about 500,000 participants. These include initial training for civil servants, quality improvement training, optional training for cadres, continuing education, business skills training in computers and foreign languages, and academic education. In addition, the Center has also organized 7 training courses for more than 280 foreigners from France and Japan to visit Shenzhen, and in 2012, it started to organize the “Education Internationalization Project”, which has introduced more than 1,000 foreign teachers to the city.

In the training practice, CIPTC pays attention to relevance, effectiveness, curriculum innovation and management services. It has been evaluated as one of the “Top Ten Integrity Brands in South China, Guangdong” training institutions, “Large Public Level 1 Adult Education Institution” and “Shenzhen Continuing Education Base”, which has won the trust and praise of the society and the students.


Shenzhen is a coastal city in Guangdong Province in China. It is regarded as a gate of China in the south, is a city with warm climate and most developed and high-tech economy in China. It is also home to some of the most modern buildings worldwide. Standing next to Hong Kong, it has flourished in this favorable location and become the Mainland’s “coolest city”. Just 40 years ago, Shenzhen was a small seaside town. Now it’s one of China’s biggest and most important cities.

City Website

City Panorama


Living in Shenzhen City:

A Teacher’s Working Day in Shenzhen:

CIPTC provide accommodation (usually Mofang Apartment) for foreign teachers who arrive in Shenzhen during the summer vacation. You will know which school to teach at the end of August. After that, you will rent your own apartment close to your school. CIPTC will recommend English-speaking agents to help you find your ideal apartments. Here are some photos of Mofang Apartments. Mofang is the apartment provider for new CIPTC Teachers During summer time

Breakfast and Lunch are provided daily for CIPTC teachers for free.

Breakfast at School Canteen

Some schools provide western style bread for students and teachers

Breakfast usually comes with hot Chinese food

Breakfast: Eggs, Sweet Potato, Corn and Sticky Fried Rice

Lunch at School Canteen

Lunch is rice with Chinese style dishes

Rice, dumplings and Chinese style dishes

Rice, bun and Chinese style dishes

I. General Standard

Ideal applicants should have a degree and 120 hours TEFL or Teacher Certification from English native speaking countries. We can apply for PU letter, and we cover 14 days self-quarantine fee.

II. Job Vacancy

Primary School, Middle School, High School. You will be teaching at your host school. Teacher’s preference on location and age group will be considered, but not guaranteed.

Most schools that work with CIPTC are primary schools. There are fewer middle schools and only a few high schools. We list a few school panoramas to give you a better idea what your future schools are like. Visit CIPTC information page.

III. Tasks:

  1. Prepare lessons and teach at assigned school
  2. Join in school activities (including English contest, festival parties, open class, etc.).
  3. Participate in relevant meetings and educational research activities held by school.
  4. Other work or activities agreed in contract.
  5. It is a comfortable teaching position with a lot of time of your own.

IV. Other details:

  1. Location: Shenzhen, China
  2. Starting date: The majority of roles commence at the beginning of the academic year in September, and spring semester mid-February. Some roles will be available on an ongoing basis. In light of COVID-19 there is some flexibility.
  3. Working hours: 8am-12pm, 2pm-5:00pm, Monday to Friday
  4. Teaching hours: Up to 18 classes per week; most weeks you will have about 10-12 classes.
  5. Average Class size:40-50 students
  6. Student’s age:– Primary school (6-12)– Middle school & High school (13-18)

V. Employment terms and benefits

  1. The employment term is from September to July
  2. Monthly salary is between 10,000-15,000RMB before tax.
  3. Accommodation included or receive RMB 3,000 (before tax) housing allowance.
  4. Free breakfast and lunch at school cafeteria. Flight allowances of RMB 8,000. Partial reimbursement of 14 days self-quarantine after fly to China during Covid-19
  5. Up to 6,000 performance bonus
  6. Extending contract bonus 2,000 RMB
  7. About 22 paid national holidays annually. Fully paid month during the winter holiday. If you renew the contract for another year then you are entitled to RMB3,000 during summer holiday.
  8. Work Visa (Z) and Residence Permit
  9. Accidental Insurance and National Social Insurance
  10. CIPTC offers free Chinese class once a week and professional development training once a month.
  11. CIPTC will organize a site-seeing activity every month. (for example: spring trip; team trip; culture trip)

Working Hours: Monday to Friday, teaching 18 periods per week, plus office hours.

Training and Orientation

CIPTC’s teacher training program consists of 5 sections; on-board orientation, professional development, mentorship system, local cultural learning and infusion, as well as counselling.

The Mentorship Program is a platform for experienced educators to be paired with teachers who are new to the company to aide them in the orientation of their school culture, classroom management, lesson planning, instructional strategies and professional development. Mentors prove to be good listeners and are trustworthy, caring, responsible and positive.


Teachers at CIPTC have a 3-4 week paid winter holiday, plus 11 days of public holidays. For those wanting to explore more of China and East Asia, these public school holidays are ideal.


I have been working for CIPTC since January 2018 and teach English in an International Languages High School in Shenzhen.

Teaching is my passion, which is why I chose to join CIPTC. The company has a truly international core and attracts teachers from a range of countries and backgrounds.

They have excellent development and support programmes in place to ensure that their teachers attain the highest possible academic standards.

CIPTC provides regular training seminars for all teachers, and a manager is allocated to each teacher to provide feedback and to facilitate their growth and development. In addition the managers advise on matters relating to teacher welfare including housing, health and travel.

The company regularly provides cultural excursions to many different locations of beauty and heritage, plus Chinese language classes free of charge. The High School I am based at is also very supportive. In addition to first-rate academic support, I am also provided with free breakfast and lunch, and the use of the school facilities such as the gym and music studios.

I recommend CIPTC without reservation to any teachers wanting to experience life China – my time working here with CIPTC has been so rewarding in so many ways.

My journey with CIPTC started about four years ago when I decided I needed a change of scenery after completing five years of ESL teaching in South Korea.

Since joining CIPTC, I have had the opportunity and privilege to join the Mentor Team and it has not only been a rewarding experience, but has also pushed me in my own growth and professional development as a teacher and teaching instructor.

One of the advantages of working with CIPTC is that every new teacher is paired with a Mentor. The CIPTC Mentor Team consists of a strong group of experienced educators who are passionate about teaching as well as aiding newcomers in adjusting to their new school environment, life in China, lesson planning and teaching material, professional development and teaching methods.

The Mentors fulfil many roles and besides being a friend, role-model, confidant and being there for support and guidance, also have the power to provide the necessary encouragement to motivate and empower teachers. While it is also necessary to provide honest feedback, a lot of praise is given and teachers’ efforts, performance and professional growth are recognized and rewarded.

At CIPTC, the Mentor Team is always prepared and ready to assist. This is especially comforting and beneficial not only to new teachers, but also to more established CIPTC teachers and everyone has the opportunity to make a friend for their entire time or career in China.

I have certainly made friends for life and have also learned a lot from my mentees. At the end of the day, this program is designed for the benefit of all CIPTC teachers and I wouldn’t have been able to succeed at this role without the invaluable guidance and support from our CIPTC managers, Hannah, Carey, Marcia and other influential mentors, Edward and Hans.

Why I chose CIPTC

I have worked for CIPTC for two years. I can an honestly say that it’s the best company I have ever worked for in China. Here are 7 reasons why I feel this way!

Reason 1. They actually care about their employees.

I got sick this year and they promptly arranged for a substitute for the entirety of my month long illness. The health insurance they provide covered the greater majority of my hospital expenses. They brought me food and gifts to the hospital. They never pressured me back to work before I was ready.

Reason 2. The staff here are very helpful.

They are very helpful in finding a school that fits your needs; such as location, schedule and salary.

Reason 3. Professional development

They provide ongoing training so that you can teach comfortably and effectively in the classroom. They level you up in the training system as you improve in your skills.

Reason 4. Mentorship

They give you a mentor who helps you throughout the school year with any issues you have that are work related. They also kindly offer help and advice about living in China.

Reason 5. They provide positive feedback and rewards.

They provide positive feedback such as rewards, recognition ceremonies, fun outings and group activities that foster high energy, job satisfaction and the feeling that you are an appreciated employee.

Reason 6. Easy communication

The recruiters, managers and supervisors all speak excellent English. If you get to meet MingXing, one of their top recruiters, you will be made to feel at home and welcomed like a family member!

Reason 7. Work visa and residence permit

They have a seamless process to swiftly get you your work visa and residence permit.

For the seven reasons and more, I highly recommend working for CIPTC!

Working for CIPTC has been a really wonderful experience. My wife and I both wanted to be at the same school, so we were placed in a primary school in Nanshan district.

Five Star Praise by Kevin

The school arranged for our schedules to be the same – so we love it there. The classes are quite big, almost fifty students in each classroom, but they are well-behaved and speak reasonable English, even in grade 2. The kids say something hilarious every day and every one of them wants to say hello when they walk past you in the hall. The other teachers have been very welcoming as well, always smiling and saying hello. If they need some help with English they ask us and we get to learn a little Chinese at the same time.

The hiring process with CIPTC was super easy for us. The girls in the office did everything, we just gave them our documents and waited for the visa process to be completed. I think we had to get photos taken, and meet them at an office one time – that was it! All the rest was completed for us. If we have questions or problems we can always contact someone helpful at the CIPTC office. If we need something in a classroom then our contact teacher replies right away and fixes our problems for us. IT department runs to help with computer issues, or the homeroom teacher will come in and deal with an unruly child.

A Great Place to Work by Lili

I really enjoy working for CIPTC. Right from the beginning with our interview they made me feel welcome and secure. The entire team is helpful and willing to make every step so easy. The hiring process was done professionally and they were extremely skilled in knowing what we needed to do and what to have to complete the visa process. Our supervisor, Carey, has gone above and beyond to help us find the perfect school for our needs. We also have a wonderful mentor, Natalie, who is a fellow teacher. She has more experience in Chinese public schools so she understands the situations we face and is always giving us helpful advice and much needed assistance.

I am working in Nanshan. The school is very accommodating. All the staff and teachers are so friendly. The students’ level of English is amazing and they are so happy and fun. I really enjoy my classes with them.

I am very happy with my decision to join CIPTC and am really enjoying my time with the company.

I tried to think of one story to tell about my time in China with CIPTC but in truth I couldn’t because I simply have too many now.

There are so many positives about living in China and doing the job we do it’s no surprise to me more and more people are flooding out here to experience this wonderful opportunity.

I have the pleasure of waking up every morning in a beautiful foreign country and being able to see far across to the mountains in the distance from my balcony. I admire this gorgeous view every chance I get and am very thankful for it.

I get to go to a job, where I see little bundles of joy everyday who are always happy to see me, that alone makes its hard to not be happy myself. That incredible feeling only escalates when I see the good kids in my classes excel further and further, and I see the ones who struggle at times improve bit by bit. It warms my heart and is a sense of reward I’m not sure I’ve had before and one I know I wouldn’t have back in England. If I were back in the UK, I’d most likely be cold, wet and working a job I hate, far more miserable than I am here today.

Everything here is a spectacle; from a new mall opening complete with red carpets and entertainers to the fantastic school sports days that so many teachers out here have been lucky enough to witness. My two CIPTC colleagues and I at Bao’an Experimental School couldn’t help but compare the epic scale of performance we saw which included; acrobatics; marching; tai chi; sword play and much much more, to the mediocre events we were parts of in our native countries.

Overall, I think living in China is pretty great. It’s so common to feel down at times or homesick and it’s perfectly acceptable to feel these ways. The important part is to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be having this experience. So if you do ever question yourself out here or feel lost. Take a breath, find a beautiful place that suits you and just remember where you are.

My first day in Bao’an was steady stream of chaos, noise and confusion. The only real thought I was keenly aware of was:

“It’s hot, it’s so hot.”

I had already sweated through the clothes I was wearing and all I could think about was sleep and the possibility of shower. I passed out in the taxi.

It’s been almost two years, since my initial, and might I say very insightful, (it’s still hot)first impressions of my new home. The district of Bao’an and I have grown a lot since then, Bao’an is in a rapid stage of development and there is always construction, watching a city being built around you is disorienting and mesmerizing. I have learned that the people Bao’an have heart’s of overwhelming kindness and generosity. We strangers are not treated with disdain or fear, but are instead invited to open conversation and are persuaded to enjoy and partake in the local culture. The amount of times I’ve been offered free umbrella’s to save from the sudden flash floods, or been offered free lifts on Moped-taxi’s (you need to try one it’s an essential part of living in Bao’an) just so I can get home quicker have been innumerable and highly appreciate. You become part of the community. You feel safe and secure, and ready for any challenge that present it’s self to you.

The community lays a foundation for your rapid growth.

Without a doubt the most rewarding part of my time in China, has been my job as an ESL Teacher. It’s also where I am constantly challenged, and invited to go one step further in my professional development. CIPTC have placed me in the wonderful Haiwang School in Bao’an Central. The student’s here are curious, full of laughter and boundless energy, not to mention keenly observant and intelligent. Here my day’s become an unrelenting adventure, you will never have the same lesson twice, you might try too, you might hope too, but you won’t, you’ll use the same Power-point the same flashcards, script, actions, techniques, but repetition is for the students not for you.

Each student is unique therefore each class come with its own set of problems and rewards. Sometimes you will spend hours on lesson, just to have it not work. The grammar was too complex or the subject matter too boring, the idea’s impossible to explain without translation, that one kid who refuses to listen is on top of their game today (even though you secretly think what they are doing is very funny), it will all come together to collapse a lesson, this can feel upsetting but you mustn’t feel dejected and you mustn’t give up, because for each moment of self doubt you might feel, there are thousands of joyful and hopeful moment’s to be had. When a student is able to tell a joke in English, play a school yard game (Rock, paper, scissors is my favorite) or even talk about something the enjoy; a Grade three girl who loves Harry Potter accused me of being Lord Voldemort the other day (I’ve had worse insults). These are the everyday moment’s that keep you going, that make it worth some of the inevitable frustrations you’ll face.

Although as teacher I have never felt more joy or sense of accomplishment when a Grade two I had been working with for a full year was finally able to sit down and participate in a game without causing destruction. This was an overwhelming feeling joy, pride and deep sense that I had, in my own little way, made a difference. This was not all my doing I am aware, I have had many wonderful colleagues, who had helped this young student and I progress. This feeling of finally being able to connect with this young boy was cemented the next week when he said the sentence:

“Teacher, I am Terry, I like sweets.”

This was incredible, I was elated. I had never heard him speak any English to anyone. From that day on he just kept getting more and more confident, he seemed happier and more content in class, he learned more words and even spoke to the other foreign teacher’s at the school. He was progressing, not just in his studies but in his life, he was making friends, and having a better time, this is not something that just any job offers, this is one of the greatest joys only those working with children get to understand. Terry might never get good grade’s on his tests, I might not get through to every student, but our learned experience’s keep us from stagnating, to be the best teacher you have to keep learning. Learn to enjoy the little moments and learn to let go off those times you were less than successful, let yourself progress and grow, just like your surroundings. Just like those you teach.

Terry’s Class singing on children’s day.

These are just some things I thought I share with those out there considering becoming an ESL teacher with CIPTC. This company is very supportive and understanding, they have helped me greatly during the COVID-19 Crisis, both professionally and personally, and it’s great to know that if I need help, all I have to do is reach out and ask for it. So I would just like to thank everyone who’s helped me get where I am now. A confident, ready for anything, ESL teacher.

by Erin, English Teacher at CIPTC in Shenzhen, China

With this being my first year both teaching and in China, I didn’t know what to expect. Teaching Grades 1 and 2 wasn’t my preferred option, and I knew it would be challenging with regards to classroom management. But I was presented with my own unique challenges, such as having to switch schools after just one month. So to say I got off to a rocky start would be putting things lightly.


Landing in China was a challenge in and of itself, though I adapted to life here fairly quickly.


Teaching was a different story. I started out at Yizhan Primary School in Songgang, and, since I was still living in the Mellow Orange Hotel, it took an hour and a half to get to and from school every day. My first lesson was the equivalent of being thrown into the fire pit, as the kids couldn’t sit still or be quiet for even half a second. I ultimately made it through only 10 minutes of class and half of my “All About Me” presentation before the assistant teacher had to step in for me.

As the weeks went on, classroom management didn’t get any better, but I received strong support from CIPTC’s mentors and started gaining more confidence. Nonetheless, I was still asked to change schools, and had to pass a demo class in order to get admitted.

All told, it wasn’t until I had moved into my own place and started teaching at Shanghe Elementary School before I started feeling comfortable in my own skin. Shanghe has been nothing but good to me during my first year. The teachers and principal have given me radiantly positive feedback, while seeing my students is often the best part of both my day and theirs.

我从松岗的艺展小学开始教学,当时我还住在国培中心提供的酒店,每天上学和放学需要一个半小时,这导致了我的第一课就陷入困境。孩子们不能静坐或保持安静半秒钟以上,在助理老师介入之前,我只完成了10分钟的课程和一半的关于“All About Me”的教学。



I’ve also enjoyed all the extra-curricular activities I’ve gotten involved with at my school. English Week was the school’s chance to showcase their foreign teacher, as they had me lead all the kids in song and dance on Monday morning. In addition, I had to make an announcement every day before singing a song of my choice at the children’s drama competition. It was a tall order but Fiona, my contact teacher, guided me through the entire process. And, to the surprise of no one, me singing “YMCA” was a big hit at the school.


The teachers’ competition at the end of first term was a different beast, since I had to sing a Chinese song and choreograph it with my office colleagues. But, once again, I received lots of support, and we crushed it to the tune of second prize. Experiences like that, as well as the real and fake birthday dinners we’ve gone out for, have provided a unique bonding experience with the teachers at my school.


And that’s just the teaching side of things. My first year in China wouldn’t have been as exceptional as it has been if not for the amazing people that I’ve met. CIPTC provides many opportunities with which to make new friends, with the monthly excursions chief among them.

The company’s winter trip to Guangxi province ranks as one of the highlights of my year. It gave us an up-close view of one of China’s most famous landmarks – the Li River and mountain ranges displayed on the 20 RMB note. It was also a unique bonding experience that brought me closer to some of my friends than ever before, and allowed me to explore other parts of Asia with said friends.



And, of course, my experience with CIPTC would not be complete without mention of the company’s football team. I joined the team because I am a massive football fan and wanted the sense of camaraderie. But my fellow teammates didn’t just become my close friends, but also my brothers.


This was only the Foreign Wanderers’ first full year, so this season was a massive stepping stone towards building the team’s foundation. Some say results are all that matters, but whether we win or lose, there’s always great company to be had. Our one-year anniversary celebration was evidence that we work hard but also play hard.

这是我们国培中心球队“Foreign Wanderers”成立一周年,因此本赛季是球队建立以后跨出的一大步。有人说结果很重要,但无论结果的输赢,我们都有很棒的国培中心在支持我们。我们努力的工作和比赛在球队一周年庆典上得到肯定。

Do I miss Canada? Sure, I do. But all the positive experiences during my first year in China ensured that the days where I would feel homesick are few and far between. This summer will provide a much-needed break, but I’ll feel anxious to come back to China and get going again.


People always say, “Anything is possible” and “You never know where you might end up”, and that has proven to be true, as I never imagined that in August 2019, I would have flown a combined 21 hours, from Kingston Jamaica, to Shenzhen China, to teach English as a second language.

CIPTC, has really exceeded expectations in all they have done to prepare me for not only what to expect in the classroom, but also what to expect living in Shenzhen. I was provided with a week-long training that covered lesson planning, classroom management, how to deal with culture shock, rules to keep me safe and even where to go and have fun in Shenzhen. Just to name a few topics.

Living in a new country is not without it hiccups and cultural differences, Shenzhen is extremely modern, but it is still different from what I am accustomed to. I cried a couple of times, I miss my family more and more each day, the beds aren’t always soft and the food here is different, (I miss my Jamaican “Cheese patty and Coco bread”). Though I am not the biggest fan of the food here, because there is such variety on a chinese menu, there is always something I like.

CIPTC is not just all work and no play, there are monthly trips, and I just had my first one to the Dapeng Fortress, and then to the beach afterwards. It was an amazing experience, we went to the attraction and became the attraction. There were Chinese people visiting the Fortress, who took more photos of us, the foreigners than the actual fortress itself. It was fun, and I am excited for the next one. China is far from home, but I have never felt alone, I have my amazing mentor Harriet, there are other teachers going through the same thing, and those who have gone through it before are willing to provide support.

I love my CIPTC family, and I can’t wait to see what else Shenzhen has to offer.

Monique from Jamaica, English Teacher at CIPTC in Shenzhen, China

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