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Introduction to the Future Leadership Academy at Blue Bay

The Future Leadership Academy at Blue Bay, also known as FLA, is a full-time, non-profit school, for students from ages 3-18. It is committed to integrating top-tier educational resources from around the world, optimizing educational ecology, and cultivating elite students with international vision, outstanding personalities, and the ability to lead into the future. Established by Greentown China and the former administrative team of Beijing No.4 High School’s renowned International Campus, the main campus of the Academy is located over looking the South China Sea on about 10 acres, encompassing buildings with a total space of 452,000 square feet. This site will host a maximum of 650 students, 160 teachers and staff. FLA has educational bases inside and outside China, including Boston, California, Dubai, Paris, Cologne, Johannesburg, Athens, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Zhoushan, providing a platform for different grades and teaching approaches.

Education Philosophy

Global Vision

Based in China but spanning the world, creating an integrated global class; incorporating the best global teachers and elite advisors in our teaching sites; offering competitions to guide students to open their minds and look to the world, and finally to achieve our interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and cross-spatial educational philosophy.

Personalized Plan

Configuring an excellent teacher-student ratio; offering personalized course plans; implementing high-frequency guidance; and carrying out the entire process of career planning to achieve a shared learning community comprised of teachers, students, parents, and communities.

Future Empowerment

Students are guided to develop a global vision and future empowerment through an individualized education plan. They will pursue harmony and sustainable development ideals for the post-industrial world while holding fast their national identity and their role in a symbiotic civilization for a globalized world. They will embody the innovative power of leadership in a world of rapid technological change and the challenges this brings.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to prepare our students as enlightened and empowered future leaders in various fields. They are expected to perfect themselves, improve society, inherit civilization, and explore the future.

Our mission through nourishment of combined Chinese and Western education system, our mission is to build FLA as a community of mindfulness and freedom that promotes life-long exercising, learning and volunteering.

About Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the national curriculum of China, and is combined with the most advanced ideas and achievements from international education. We use IB, AP, and the treasures of traditional Chinese education as reference points in developing our own curriculum system. We improve our students’ trans-cultural understanding and globalized vision through our “Double Mother Tongue” immersion class. All students are required to take our innovative “Huagen” (Chinese cultural course), and our signature courses– Ocean Course, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Course, and Future Empowerment Course, which are the essential features of our curriculum.

Teaching Staff

Our founding team is comprised of educators who understand the spirit and importance of giving and of service. Our faculty-to-student ratio is 1:4 and we offer intensive guidance and education to pupils. With multicultural backgrounds, most of our teachers are master’s- or doctoral degree- holders from distinctive universities all over the world, and they are experts and masters in their fields. They are honest, learned, dedicated, rigorous, refined, and dignified educators. In order to explore our internationalized and individualized educational philosophy, we invite leaders from all fields and senior graduates from all top-tier universities and colleges to be mentors of our students. Mentors will help students enlarge their vision, inspire their thinking, offer valuable resources, and guide their personal growth plan.

Student Body

Each grade will have 50 to 60 students only. They are selected and admitted through a rigorous review of the application materials and through systematic academic tests and interviews. The average admission rate is around 20%. FLA students are: kind, intelligent, and curious; they are full of the innovative spirit and passion for inquiry; have strong academic potential; they have the courage to accept challenges and the pursuit of excellence; they like team cooperation and personal reflection; understand tolerance and respect; they are willing to serve and to achieve physical and mental solutions, and seek to live in harmony with nature, society, and themselves.

All FLAers value the eternal idea of “Enlightened and Empowered, Leading the Future.”





Application Email: recruitment@flacademy.cn

HR WeChat: 17744850991

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