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About Hailiang Early Childhood Education

Hailiang Early Childhood Education Group (Chinese: 海亮学前教育集团) was founded in 2017. It is based on the philosophy of “Accompanying children and doing education with passion”. The group provides preschool education services to children and families that are suitable for children’s development.The group now has more than 50 kindergartens with more than 10,000 teachers and students, covering children aged 0-7. The 50 kindergartens are spread over the country, including Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. Each kindergarten has its own special curriculums.

Aiming at strengthening children’s physical fitness, inspiring their enthusiasm in learning, the Hailiang ECE explores the most advanced educational concept as well as management mode into its kindergartens’ daily operation. Based on the research result of Hailiang Child Development Institute, the Hailiang ECE combines the characteristics of local kids with the international early childhood educational philosophy so as to create the most suitable curriculum for every single child.

Hailiang Early Childhood Education will follow the strategic planning of the Hailiang Group, and make every effort to expand its international market share and become a leading early childhood education group.

About Hailiang Child Development Institute

The world’s top 500 companies-an educational research institution under Hailiang Group focusing on the development of children aged 0-6. We gather global educational wisdom, rely on Hailing’s diversified educational data, and intensively cultivate applied educational research. We build a leading education service platform in a professional, open, collaborative, and innovative way, and provide talent training, curriculum development, educational evaluation, standard establishion, smart programs and other services for the early education industry. It commits to provide “Hailiang Program” for the happy and healthy growth, overall development and full realization of personal potential of Chinese children.


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