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About Timeship Kindergarten

Timeship Kindergarten (Chinese: 泰姆船幼儿园) is the first kindergarten under Lishan Education. Lishan started pre-school education and brought the world’s leading EYFS early childhood education system to Changsha in collaboration with British institutions.

The Kindergarten is located on the south shore of Meixi Lake in Changsha, Hunan Province and was officially open in May 2021. The project has an indoor area of about 2000 square meters and an outdoor area of about 1000 square meters.


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Company Information
  • Total Jobs 2 Jobs
  • Location Changsha
  • Full Address 湖南省长沙市岳麓区梅溪香山花园8-2栋
  • Homepage URL timeship.cn
  • School Type Private School
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