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Bilingual SEND Teacher
Inclusion coordinator
To support pupils’ learning and enrich the education of pupils.
1. Provide counselling support for students, their families and staff.
2. Provide strategies and resource for use by students, their families and staff in and
out of the classroom to develop social skills and learning capacity.
3. Provide in-class and/or withdrawal support for referred student(s) with additional
4. Assist with modification of classroom accommodations where appropriate.
5. Provide and/or facilitate examination assistance for students with exam access
6. Develop whole staff learning support professional development programmes, using
external resources if required.
7. Administer informal screening and assessments for identifying learning needs.
8. Perform classroom observation when required to identify and observe students with
additional needs.
9. Support the identification of vulnerable pupils i.e. those at risk of, or showing signs
of, mental illness and poor mental health to identify students with special education
needs and who require intensive support.
10. Devise IEPs(Individual Educational Plans), implement and/or facilitate support for
students with additional learning needs.
11. Maintain manual and electronic files and/or records for the purpose of providing
required information and /or documentation.
12. Initiate contacts with individual parents to understand more about the development
of the students and the expectations of parents.
13. Liaise with parents on behalf of teachers about academic progress.
14. Coordinate parenting programmes to provide assistance and practical parenting
information, advice and support for parents.
15. Participate in workshops, meetings, community events, etc. for the purpose of
receiving and/or presenting information.
16. Gain knowledge of the local welfare services and work with clear links to pupils’
mental health services to refer pupils to services where it is appropriate.
17. Maintain close links with the Medical Centre staff and with them continue to further
enhance the quality of healthcare at the school.
18. Provide liaison with external healthcare providers as needed to support the specific
needs of students requiring intensive support.
19. Provide support for mental health related governmental matters when necessary.
Education: Bachelor’s degree.
Major: Relevant credentials in Counselling, Special Education or related education
Language: Chinese and English. Must be fluent in English, minimum CET-6.
Qualification certificate or experience related to psychology and/or special
A minimum of 2-years teaching experience in a school setting.
Working with individuals with special needs or behavioural challenges in a school
Genuine passion and demonstrated commitment in special educational needs.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a positive, energetic and
enthusiastic outlook and commitment in teamwork.
Familiar with Office software.
International and/or bilingual school working experience is preferred
Cross-cultural working experience is preferred.
Demonstrating practice that represents the five core values of Wellington at all
times (courage, integrity, kindness, respect and responsibility).
Strong passion for the education industry.Please submit CV and cover letter, together with an application form
(available to download from in English and email to
Please note that any application with missing materials will not be considered.
Wellington College Shanghai is totally committed to safeguarding the welfare of children
and young people and expects the same from its employees. All new staff will be subject
to enhanced pre-employment clearance, including identity checks, criminal background
checks, qualifications checks and employment checks to include an exploration of any
gaps in employment

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