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Boarding Matron
Head of Boarding
To support the Head of Boarding to create a safe, happy, caring, supportive and
well-disciplined atmosphere throughout the boarding house. A Matron provides a source
of pastoral care and deals with the general welfare and health of the pupils within the
house in addition to that provided by the rest of the Boarding community. The Matron
ensures that all staff who provide services to maintain a clean, safe and comfortable
environment, including ensuring all the laundry and bedding is processed appropriately,
and any maintenance work is completed to a good standard. The Matron is essential to
the smooth running of boarding in ensuring high standards are met.
To support the Head of Boarding in the provision of care for pupils in the boarding
To undertake any reasonable request from the Head of Boarding which relates directly
to the well-being of pupils.
Above all the Boarding Matron needs to be generous with their time and responsive to
the needs of the pupils.
General Duties
To monitor pupils’ uniform, shoes and maintain high expectations of appearance are met
To ensure that rooms are kept tidy, encouraging pupils to develop good habits
Supervision of morning and evening routines
To help oversee the safety and security of the pupils
Help manage displays and artwork around the boarding house
Attend Boarding House staff meetings
Attend and support official Boarding House and School functions / events as required by
the Head of Boarding
Welfare / Pastoral
To be on overnight cover in the boarding house as per the rota and to act reasonably to
support the boarding team when emergency cover is required, for example when pupils
might need to be taken to hospital.
To promote and maintain a safe environment that, wherever possible, meets the
National Minimum Standards for Boarding (UK), whilst recognising that this might not
always be possible in an international / bilingual context.
To support and help settle in all new boarders and contribute to the induction process,
ensure as far as possible that any ‘settling in problems’ are resolved.
To provide a sympathetic presence in the House, being sensitive to those who are
having difficulties, guiding them and supporting them, liaising with Head of Boarding and
other relevant staff concerning the welfare of the child.
To advise and ensure high levels of personal hygiene are maintained, including; body
cleanliness, personal habits, teeth cleaning and regular hair brushing.
To remind pupils when necessary, of their need for appropriate manners and courtesy.
Health and Medical
Liaise with the school duty nurse regarding boarders who are unwell
To accompany pupils on urgent hospital visits.
Provide basic medical care as a first aider when nurses are off duty or unavailable.
Supervise boarders that are ill and unable to attend school in the boarding house
Communication / Record keeping / Administration
Share all information with the Head of Boarding or if appropriate, with the school
DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead).
To have effective and positive relationships with parents and ensure information is
passed on via DingTalk or in person.
Keep accurate records in regard to all boarders. Ensuring up to date information is
appropriately stored either digitally in SharePoint or in the physical file in the office
To develop and maintain good working relationships with all colleagues within the
School, based upon professional two-way communication.
To provide written details at the end of each duty of rewards and conduct, medical
information and incidents via iSAMs
Domestic responsibilities
Ordering and managing household products, soft furnishings and other products.
Undertake daily room inspections, ensuring that boarders’ rooms are kept to a
good standard and to identify any maintenance, repair or cleaning needs.
To work in conjunction with third party contractors such as catering and property
management company to ensure a good level of service and to communicate
requirements and needs.
Policies and Procedures
The Matron must be fully conversant with the School’s Health and Safety Policy,
monitor those sections as it affects the boarding house and instil into all pupils
and staff a positive approach to Health and Safety.
To be familiar with and adhere to the school policies especially those pertaining
to child protection, safeguarding, anti-bullying, health and safety, e-safety,
substance misuse and be aware of the requirements of the National Minimum
Standards for Boarding Schools (UK); to be familiar with the contents of the
Boarding Handbook.
The Boarding Matron should be familiar with the fire safety procedures as they
may be the responsible person on site in the event of a fire alarm.
Professional Development
To take part in such performance management or staff review arrangements
made by the school.
To oversee and be directly involved, as directed by the Head of Boarding in the
Staff Appraisal system.
Outside of term time
To be available in the days before the beginning and after the end of each term
to ensure the boarding house is ready for pupils to arrive and cleared when they
To assume responsibility for the Boarding House in the absence of other
Boarding Staff.
To assist in any audit or inspection of the Boarding House and all furnishing is
recorded prior to and after any external letting.
To work in conjunction with Facility Department and the third party contractors
to ensure all deep cleaning, maintenance and decoration is completed to a good
To ensure the House is prepared and ready for boarders return before the start
of each term.
To organise and store all soft furnishings and ensure at the start of each term
that we have adequate soft furnishings.
Specific qualifications are not required but an ability to speak both Chinese and
English would be an advantage
Proven experience of working with young people
First Aid certification
ICT literate
The ability to tactful and fair but also firm with pupils when necessary
The ability to establish a relationship and rapport with both pupils and parents.
Good communication skills, including the ability to enthuse, inspire, influence and
motivate others.
The ability to communicate effectively with pupils, parents and staff.
Warm, friendly, sympathetic, empathetic
Genuine concern for pupils’ wellbeing and development.
Well organised and professional in approach.
The ability to use initiative and work proactively to find solutions to problems that
arise, relying on reason, persuasion and common sense.
A good sense of humour, adaptability and sense of proportion.
The ability to be practical, organised and to keep a cool head in emergencies.
A desire / willingness to be part of a team.
A commitment to professional development.
Able to work flexible hours.
Flexible, able to prioritise, resilient under pressure.To apply for this position, please complete the online application form (in English). You will
also be asked to attach your CV and cover letter, so we recommend having those ready in
Word of pdf format. Please note that any application with missing materials will not be
Huili School Nantong is totally committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people
and expects the same from its employees. All new staff will be subject to enhanced pre
employment clearance, including identity checks, criminal background checks, qualifications checks
and employment checks to include an exploration of any gaps in employment.

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