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Careers & University Guidance Counsellor (YCIS-HK-2324-SEC014)
Posted Date: 08/24/2023 Expiration Date:
Location: YCIS – Hong Kong (HK Secondary) # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Immediate
Job Description: We look for candidates with general skills, qualifications and expectations as below:
• Is a near-native English speaker
• Supports the school’s Mission, Principles and Practices
• Holds the minimum requirement of a Bachelor Degree plus relevant teaching credentials
• Shows evidence of active participation in continuing professional development
• Has a minimum of 2 years full-time teaching/guidance counselling in a school setting
• Having knowledge and experience of university systems and application procedures for UK, USA, Canadian, Australian and Hong Kong universities is highly advantageous
• Has a positive, energetic, enthusiastic and solution focused outlook
• Has a deep understanding of highly effective teaching and learning practices
• Has significant depth, breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding of their specific discipline and also a passion that inspires students to achieve at the highest level and colleagues to learn more
• Has excellent communication and interpersonal skills and understands the value of generating positive professional relationships and partnerships with colleagues, students, parents/families and the wider school community
• Can work in a highly collaborative learning and organisational culture which values a team approach when planning and providing students with experiences which are engaging, challenging, supportive and inclusive
• Is a reflective learner who takes responsibility for professional development and progression, making full use of the opportunities and training provided by the school
• Has a commitment to operate successfully in a bilingual teaching environment in which important Chinese and Western cultural characteristics are understood and respected.
• Models the skills and attitudes of a global citizen by seeking to understand and respond positively to the cultural differences in value systems and societal norms of all members of our school community
• Has the ability to make good use of technology as a learning resource and for professional practice
• Empowers students to take ownership of their learning and goal setting
• Promotes and develops student leadership capacity, decision-making capabilities and voice
• Supports and applies all school policies consistently
• Consults with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and/or Child Protection Team as appropriate and necessary in matters affecting the welfare and safeguarding of students
• Contributes to the school’s extracurricular/ enrichment programmes and to the wider school development and growth

Career & University Guidance Counsellor responsibilities include but are not limited to:

A. Students
• Deliver and teach the career/university guidance curriculum provide the YCEF
• Advise students, as a group, on the importance and implications of subject selection prior to IGCSE. Advise students individually in the year prior to entering IB /A level courses. Answering individual student queries when required
• Provide regular, individual counselling to assigned students in the two years prior to graduating, on the whole university application process, from subject selection, destination, identifying and short-listing the choice of university and major/s, to advise on the writing of personal statements/application essays, to departure
• Where appropriate, provide counselling to Year 10 and 11 or grade equivalent (O.E) grade students on topics including subject selection, summer programmes, internships skills, qualities and attributes, university fairs.
• Meet regularly with parents both on an individual and group basis for Year 12 and 13.
• Attend Year 10 and 11 /Grade? information sessions to discuss and offer advice on the overall university application process
• Keep students and parents up-to-date with regard to various deadlines in the university application process
• Write references/recommendations for all university applications, including meeting with IB coordinators and teachers for analysis of student potential
• Collect and administer IB grades and comments.
• Guide students to complete and submit university applications, which may include references, essays and transcripts, etc.
• Plan, organise and deliver pre-departure activities and information for graduating students to prepare them for their university experience

B. Universities and Other Institutions
• Ensure that the school maintains affiliations with professional organisations such as CIS, IACAC and attend relevant conferences
• Represent the school at various meetings and conferences
• Develop and maintain relationships with university representatives through planning a calendar of university visits to the school and hosting and coordinating such visits
• Prepare and give presentations of background material to make the school and students known to university representatives and admissions officers
• Liaise with universities to ensure up-to-date information including academic programmes, admissions policies, scholarships offered, plus financial policies and procedures

C. School
• Meet with the Co-Principals and CUGO Regional Coordinators regularly to give reports and updates
• Work with the IB/A Level Coordinator, Head of Secondary, department heads and subject teachers in the school
• Develop good lines of communication with teachers to obtain academic information on students
• Handle confidential information with discretion
• Where appropriate supervise the PSAT and SAT
• Organise and deliver workshops for teachers to keep them informed of the role and responsibilities of the CUGO and provide them with guidance on writing subject references/recommendations
• Where appropriate, provide educational and career programmes for students from Years 9-13
• Deliver presentations during school IGCSE and IB/A level Information Evenings
• Organise the school’s university information evenings

D. Managing the operations of the Careers & University Guidance Office (CUGO)
• Promote the CUGO its work to the school community
• Oversee and manage the daily operation of the school CUGO
• Oversee, manage and monitor the CUGO budget
• Develop and maintain a fully-equipped and up-to-date university and career resource centre
• Plan, implement and publish student guidelines for university applications
• Develop and update checklists and timelines for senior students regarding the university application process
• Ensure that accurate and up-to-date student and school records are maintained
• Ensure all confidential information is kept in a safe and secure manner
• Be proactive in representing the school in networking events and activities where there is the prospect of strengthening the relationships of relevant to university admissions and counselling
• Where appropriate, correspond with alumni to solicit their views and recommendations regarding their universities

E. Professional Development
• Is a reflective learner who takes responsibility for professional development and progression (taking into account the school’s priorities, their own professional needs and which support students’ learning), making full use of the opportunities and training provided by the school
• Reviews, promotes and implements enhanced CUGC practices by research into best practices and by seeking and using regular feedback from the school’s SLT, colleagues, parents and students (including alumni data as necessary) for ongoing improvement Appraisal:
• There will be an annual review. Performance will be measured against the skills and responsibilities, as well as the qualities listed above.
• Specific targets will be negotiated annually as part of performance management.
• These duties may be amended to meet the changing demands of the school at the discretion of the school’s Senior Leadership Team, the Regional Coordinator for Careers and University Guidance and following consultation with the Careers & University Guidance Counsellor.

Job Requirements:

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