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Chinese Teacher
Head of Primary
The successful candidate will play a key role in the curriculum development at Huili
School Nantong. The College is looking for a candidate who would relish the challenge of
establishing the subject in a new school.
The teacher will have the responsibility for the planning and teaching of the subject to the
designated class, the content of each lesson being determined by the school curriculum
and annual teaching plan. The teacher will ensure that the subject is delivered in a way that
provides coverage, progression, and continuity by effectively working with an international
teaching partner. The teacher will also be required to carry out other such duties as the
School Head or the Deputy Head may reasonably direct from time to time. He/she is
expected to display the highest standards of professionalism in his/her teaching and in
his/her relationships with colleagues and parents.
The teacher must ensure that an excellent learning environment is provided for the
learning of Chinese, and that the students develop a positive attitude to the subject
within the College. The teacher must present lessons in a structured and coordinated
manner with due regard to the ability of the students and the curriculum targets of the
particular year group.
Contribute to the holistic wellbeing of all pupils and specifically to those assigned to
your individual care
Undertake class management as a class teacher including discipline, standards of dress,
safeguarding and ensuring that students understand and follow the school rules
Teach according to departmental schemes of work
Complete teaching plans on time and to a high standard
Ensure that lessons are well prepared, efficiently resourced, and appropriate to the
ability level of the pupils
Participate in planning and departmental meetings
Regularly assess the students’ work through formative and formal termly / half-termly
assessments as directed by your line manager.
Communicate with your Head of Department regarding any student whose progress or
behaviour gives cause for concern
Constantly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching, maintaining good
standards of practice and ensuring progression
Participate fully in the Staff Appraisal system, with classroom observation of colleagues
and a willingness to be personally observed within the classroom. Submit books, records
or planning as required for monitoring by colleagues or the Head of Department.
Be involved in developing your department including the implementation and monitoring
of relevant school policies and the resourcing of the department as appropriate
Remain mindful of cultural sensitivities
Develop and share teaching resources
Assist the Head of Department in areas such as preparing internal exams and schemes
of work
Follow the school’s SEN policy
Communicate with parents as required, whether in writing, telephone calls or meetings
Attend Continued Professional Development (CPD) training as required (and, ideally,
volunteer to lead CPD sessions occasionally)
Support the School’s Development Plan generally and in so far as it relates to your
Attend and participate fully in Staff Development and INSET programmes
Attend staff meetings and briefings as and when required
Keep up-to-date with school policy documents and procedures, such as fire evacuation
Cover lessons as required
Invigilate exams as required
Make parents feel welcome and build a good relationship with them
Familiarise the parents with the curriculum
Collect information on pupils’ interests, aptitudes and growth from parents
Stimulate pupils’ study by making use of parents’ strengths
Provide consultations and support to parents’ enquiries
Share students’ information provided by parents with co-teachers
Attend Parents’ Meetings as required and provide accurate, honest information
regarding their child’s progress
Report to the parents in the form of regular written reports, and also when
additionally required by your Head of Department
Most staff are expected to be a tutor. This will involve being the child’s ‘parent
away from home’. You will be their advocate and their parents’ first line of
communication at the school.
Make sure the register is taken accurately each day
Inform parents of any upcoming events related to their child that are not in the
school calendar
Help mentor, guide and support the children through their daily school life
Liaise with the academic, pastoral, medical and special needs teams on behalf of
the children in your tutor group
Conduct weekly tutorial sessions
Deliver the school’s moral education programme
Attend pastoral meetings as required
Write reports on pupils as required (for Interims and Full Reports)
Assist with writing pupil references
Track academic performance and raise standards
Be mindful of the school’s Safeguarding Policy and remain vigilant of the children’s
Help pupils achieve a satisfactory work / recreation balance and, if necessary,
involve parents
Attend events such as plays, sporting events, concerts and social events for their
year group.
Be present in school from 07:30 each morning
Be positive and build a good relationship with colleagues
Complete tasks on time
Provide cover for absent colleagues as and when deemed necessary by your Head
of Department
Play a full role in the weekly co-curricular activities (CCA) programme, which will
take place outside of the prescribed teaching hours.
Make a significant contribution to school assemblies and newsletters, highlighting
the work being done by your students
Promote an ethos of equity and equal opportunities for all pupils
Protect the privacy of pupils, their families and your colleagues
Maintain high standards of conduct both within and outside of the classroom.
Always act in a way that conforms to the school ethos and values and is in the
best interests of the pupils.
Set high expectations and standards for the achievement of pupils and your
personal performance.
Emphasize the importance of safety and of safe methods of working methods in
the classroom, and in all areas of the school and the curriculum
Communicate to the pupils that they must take a responsible attitude toward
equipment and materials they have been provided, and that they will be punished
and possibly charged for damage inflicted upon school property
Carry out duties as required. This will include playtime supervision, lunchtime
supervision and after-school supervision
Contribute as fully as possible to the annual calendar of School events, in
whatever way possible
All teachers will be a member of a house and are expected to attend and support
house events and meetings
Bachelor of Education or above
Proficient in both oral and written English
At least 5 years of relevant university counselling experience
5 Years within the educational system
Experience of successful University applications
Experience of leading multiple education projects
Strong knowledge of education industry preferred
Creative and problem solving
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, proven ability to communicate
effectively with different types of people and in cross-culture environment
Strong passion for the education and development of students
Strong track record of solving complex problems, strategic thinking and delivering
significant impact as a leader.
Proven ability to work with data and develop recommendations for action based
on the analysis.
Personal Integrity, accountability and credibility
Strong mindset for continuous improvement to meet or exceed expectations.To apply for this position, please complete the online application form (in English). You will
also be asked to attach your CV and cover letter, so we recommend having those ready in
Word of pdf format. Please note that any application with missing materials will not be
Huili School Nantong is totally committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people
and expects the same from its employees. All new staff will be subject to enhanced pre
employment clearance, including identity checks, criminal background checks, qualifications checks
and employment checks to include an exploration of any gaps in employment.

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