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Senior School Computer Science Teacher
Head of Computer Science
The successful candidate will play a key role in the continued development of
computer science at Wellington College International Shanghai. The College
is looking for a candidate who would relish the challenge of working in an
academically able environment, teaching from Years 8 to 13 with a focus on
KS4 and KS5 curriculum.
The Senior School computer science teacher will have the responsibility for
the planning and teaching for their designated classes, following the IGCSE
and IB Computer Science curricula from Years 10-13, and a bespoke
computing curriculum below year 10. The teacher will ensure that the subject
is delivered in a way that provides coverage, progression and continuity. The
teacher will also be required to carry out other such duties as the Head of
the Senior School or the Master may reasonably direct from time to time.
He/she is expected to display the highest standards of professionalism in
his/her teaching and in his/her relationships with colleagues and parents.
The teacher must ensure that a good learning environment is provided for the
teaching of computer science and that the pupils develop a positive attitude
to the subject within the College. The teacher must present lessons in a
structured and co-ordinated manner with due regard to the ability of the
students and the curriculum targets of the particular year group.EDUCTION
Bachelor’s degree
PGCE or equivalent in related subject
Computer Science Education, Computer Science, Computer
Engineering or related subjects.
At least 5 years’ experience in computer science teaching, with a
proven pedagogy to a reflective and responsive learning environment.
Experience of planning and delivering high quality IB and A Level
Computer Science is required.
Experience of designing a Computer Science curriculum and the
knowledge to keep it up to date in a rapidly developing sector
Excellent knowledge of using Python.
Experience working cross culturally an advantage.
Familiarity of project approach is desirable.
DIRECTED TIME: To ensure attendance in College between stipulated
hours and to attend all meetings/functions deemed to be directed time.
PUNCTUALITY: To set high standards with regard to punctuality and to
insist on the same from the pupils. To encourage good time-keeping
amongst the pupils, monitor lateness within the class and provide
remedies, both individual and general, to rectify its occurrence.
COLLEGE RULES: To apply consistently and diligently the rules of the
College in order to maintain discipline, standards of dress and to
safeguard the happiness, safety and well-being of all pupils. To ensure
that pupils know, understand and follow the College rules.
ABSENCE: To request approval from the Master, via the Head of the
Senior School, for any absence from the College and to give notice to
appropriate people, especially the Head of Computer Science in good
time. Wherever possible, to make medical appointments outside normal
directed working time.
STANDARDS: To maintain, with the rest of the teaching staff, high
standards of conduct both in and out of the classroom. To act always in a
way that conforms to the College ethos and values, and is in the best
interests of the students.
SAFETY: To emphasise the importance of safety and of safe methods of
working in the classroom, and indeed in all areas of the College and the
curriculum. To communicate to the pupils that they must take a
responsible attitude to equipment and materials with which they have been
provided and that they will be disciplined and possibly charged for damage
inflicted upon College property.
DRESS: To maintain smart and professional standards of appearance.
MONITORING: To monitor and evaluate constantly the effectiveness of
your own teaching, maintaining good standards of practice and ensuring
progression. To participate fully in the staff appraisal system, with
classroom observation of colleagues and a willingness to be personally
observed within the classroom. To submit books, records or planning asASSESSMENT: To assess regularly the pupils’ work by means of formal
and informal assessment, as directed by the Head of Computer Science,
the Head of the Senior School and the Master. To communicate with the
Head of Computer Science and Head of the Senior or school regarding
any student whose progress or behaviour gives cause for concern.
COMMUNICATION WITH PARENTS: To communicate with parents on a
regular basis, as directed by the Head of Computer Science, the Head of
the Senior School and the Master. To attend parents’ meetings as
required and to provide accurate, honest information regarding the
progress of individuals in computer science at these meetings. To report
to the parents in the form of regular written reports, and when may be
additionally required by the Master and the Head of the Senior School.
RECORD KEEPING: To maintain all the relevant College records, and
ensure they are provided/delivered at the stipulated time. To keep all
records relating to the pupils’ academic progress, and to ensure that
these records are shared with colleagues and are available for inspection
by the Head of Computer Science, and the Master.
CURRICULUM POLICY: To be involved in developing, implementing and
monitoring all College policies regarding computer science, and to assist
in the necessary documentation pertaining to the subject, where required
by the Head of Computer Science.
DISPLAY: To ensure that the examples of pupils’ work are displayed and
presented to a high standard in the classroom, and, where appropriate,
throughout the department. To ensure that these displays are changed
CLASSROOM APPEARANCE: To ensure that the classroom and adjacent
corridors etc. are kept suitably tidy for prospective parents, to welcome
the latter into the classroom and be prepared to give a short explanation
of lesson content and displays etc.
DUTIES: To carry out duties in the Senior School as required and
timetabled by the Head of the Senior School and the Master. This will
include playtime supervision, lunchtime supervision and after-school

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