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20 October 2023
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1 August 2024

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31 July 2026

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Whole school
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Several Curricula (see description)
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Full Time


15 or more years experience

The Deputy Head of ISA Wenhua Wuhan School oversees the planning, launch and development of the outstanding boarding and students’ life programme offered by the school utilizing resources offered. This post focuses on the whole campus and guiding both schools to be represented as one.

The Deputy Head of ISA Wenhua Wuhan School is a core member of the school council, participating in the formulation, decision-making, and implementation of major decisions of the school. This post focuses on the whole campus and guiding both schools to be represented as one. The Deputy Head of ISA Wenhua Wuhan School oversees the planning, launch and development of the outstanding boarding and students’ life programme offered by the school utilizing resources offered. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, the Deputy Head of ISA Wenhua Wuhan School is an integral leader of the overall development working closely with leaders across all functions to make an impact.


The ideal candidate will be a highly experienced education leader, with considerable Boarding School experience, and a demonstrated passion and eagerness for the start-up school context.


Requirements in detail:


Management Responsibilities

• Ensure organisation of relevant probationary review meetings, appraisal meetings and training and development courses for all members of the boarding program team including the Boarding Assistant, House Parents, Deputy House Parents, House Tutors and Weekend Activity Supervisors;

• Oversee the work of the Boarding Management Team (Deputy Head of Boarding, House Parents and Deputy House Parents) and meet with them regularly to discuss boarding matters and ensure consistency and support between Houses. Maintain and issue meeting minutes;

• Monitor and manage the boarding program Action Plan

• Attend operational departmental management meetings to represent the needs of the boarding program with representatives from the Academic Program, Health Centre, Maintenance, Security, Housekeeping and

Safeguarding teams;

• Lead and oversee induction and orientation training for new boarding program staff and students as appropriate;

• Lead and oversee the continued development of student life program (including regular supervision meetings) through implementation and review of continued professional growth for the Deputy Head of Boarding, House Parents and Deputy House Parents in line with the School’s Mission;

• Oversee the appointment and training of Boarding Prefects each year.


Enrolment & Retention Responsibilities

• Support the Admissions team by promoting the school program to prospective families as well as participating in boarding house tours and prospective parent meetings and student introductions;

• Attend and represent the school at promotional events such as Open Days;

• Respond promptly to information requests and advice in respect of prospective students;

• Implement and oversee weekly content-rich communication to parents from each boarding house which promotes the life of our boarding community and focuses on the individual student;

• Engage the parent community through a monthly newsletter;

• Attend functions for parents and students which celebrate successes and achievements throughout the year.


Administrative Responsibilities

• Prepare Board reports for the Head of School and attend quarterly Board Committee and other relevant meetings as and when required;

• Supervise the budget and ensure control of expenditure;

• Respond promptly to parent emails and telephone requests and update the Head of School regarding any concerns;

• Review attendance to ensure compliance;

• Review off-campus permission requests and approve in accordance with policy;

• Undertake regular boarding compliance reviews across all NMS and maintain appropriate records.


General Responsibilities

The Deputy Head of ISA Wenhua Wuhan School is committed to making a significant individual contribution to the

overall climate of the school. He/she will:

• Provide an exceptional working environment through which the Boarding team will thrive based on supportive relationships and a culture of appreciation;

• Monitor the condition and ambience of each boarding house and ensure that all relevant information and facilities are available to all boarders;

• Liaise with management colleagues as required within IT and the Estates team including Maintenance, Housekeeping and Security regarding boarding program issues;

• Monitor the provision and nutritional quality of the School’s catering service for the boarding community;

• Actively engage in professional development activities in collaboration with other members of the staff and on an individual basis. Professional development opportunities include attendance at workshops, conferences, boarding house observations, peer dialogue, courses, and boarding school visits;

• Protect the reputation of the school at all times by maintaining confidentiality

and professionalism.


Safeguarding Responsibilities:

● Support the work of the School’s Designated Safeguarding Lead and Safeguarding Team;

● Proactively be alert to indicators of potential safeguarding issues and report these immediately in accordance with the school’s procedure;

● Implement the School’s Safeguarding Policy and to follow its requirements;

● Attend training relating to Safeguarding of Children;

● Engage in safe practice and professional conduct to safeguard children to mitigate against the potential for misunderstandings or situations being misconstrued;

● Create safe and secure learning environments.


Key Accountability

  1. Oversee all elements of the programmes, policies, procedures, staffing and strategic development of our world-leading boarding school integrating Chinese and Western philosophies that serve students
  2. Provide leadership, vision and direction for boarding programs at both schools to ensure a safe, nurturing and engaging environment for residential students from diverse backgrounds.
  3. Organizing and implementing on building the organizational structure, staffing, post responsibilities, operation norms and processes of boarding school programs and student campus life.
  4. Develop and improve boarding policies, procedures, schedules and programming in collaboration with school leadership and other stakeholders.
  5. Maintain frequent communication with day school leadership to ensure coordinated policies and seamless integration between boarding and academics.
  6. Monitor budget and expenses. Work with admissions department on-boarding recruitment and enrolment.
  7. Build a sense of community, belonging and spirit among boarding students. Serve as an advisor, advocate, and mentor for students and teachers.
  8. Oversee student life activities, advising, discipline, schedules, transportation, and other logistics for boarding students. Serve as the primary point person for parents with questions or concerns about boarding.
  9. Participate in crisis response and management as needed for boarding emergencies.
  10. Manage boarding house staff, responsible for staff management, team building, reasonable internal organization, personnel appointment, deployment, assessment, rewards, and punishments, etc.
  11. Cooperating with International counterpart departments and other departments to ensure the comprehensive, high quality and high standard integration of Chinese and Western courses.


Performance Standards

  1. More than 15 years of working experience in the education industry, more than 10 years of related position management experience, and familiar with DP and A-level or AP projects is preferred.
  2. Familiar with the relevant laws and regulations of international education, understanding the development trend of international education, and equipped with an international perspective.
  3. Familiar with domestic and foreign curriculum systems, with advanced education and teaching concepts and capability of teaching research.
  4. Passion for education, identifying with the culture and school philosophy of ISA International Education, and having a strong ability to execute and resist pressure.
  5. Equipped with good capability of organization, management, innovation, and expansion.
  6. Sensitive to the cultural differences found in China and the willingness to develop and maintain a cross-cultural approach.

Application Process

Interested candidates please go to “APPLY FOR THIS JOB“.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend face-to-face and/or skype interview with our recruitment team.

Candidates are requested to provide three referees for pre-employment reference check from current and previous employers.  The referees must be the Principal, Head of school or the direct supervisor from the school management team.

ISA is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.  Candidates must be prepared to undergo child protection screening and appropriate background check.

General Requirements for International Teaching Positions

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in relevant subject area
  • A recognized teaching qualification (e.g. BEd, PGCE)
  • Minimum two years’ experience of classroom teaching in mainstream education sector
  • Previous experience of teaching the IB curriculum is preferred, high potential candidates without IB experience might be considered
  • Well-versed in various teaching resources including digital tools to support and enhance teaching and learning
  • Sensitivity to the cultural differences
  • A willingness to actively participate in the academic enrichment and co-curricular programmes

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