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Huili School Shanghai seeks to appoint a Director of PE and Sport to oversee and develop the school’s sports and PE programme. This opportunity will suit a highly motivated, well-organised, relational and innovative leader who will be able to help shape, direct and deliver an exciting future for PE and sport as part of the school’s commitment to educating the whole child. Innovation and agility is needed in this time of ever changing educational and community circumstances.

The Director of PE and Sport is responsible for the overarching strategy regarding all aspects of PE and Sport, considering aspects of both performance and participation for all pupils in a range of sports and the development of staff within the department and those contracted to assist. The successful candidate will be able to create and communicate a clear strategy and vision for the school and lead and inspire a large team in the PE department as well as other colleagues at Huili and work effectively in partnership with externally contracted providers. They will be a strong presence within the community, highly visible and be able to form good relationships. They will forge effective partnerships with other bilingual schools in Shanghai and seek to be a positive and informative influence in the city.

The successful applicant will work closely with the Heads of School, Director of the Arts and the CCA Manager. An effective and proactive partnership must be forged and maintained with the school’s Bursar to ensure the safe and successful implementation of the school’s Academy programme. They will also work together with curriculum leaders beyond and in their own department to ensure delivery of high impact PE lessons, a well-considered and coordinated Sports programme offering development pathways and cohesion between both PE and sport.



1. Develop and lead an integrated sports strategy, encompassing primary, junior high and high school PE, as well as co-curricular and competitive sport;
2. Develop and lead a balanced physical education programme such that student opportunity and potential is maximised;
3. Strategically develop, lead and inspire the staff team (specialist and non-specialist) to embody and model those qualities required to promote excellence and maximise participation;
4. Oversee and organise a competitive and balanced sports fixtures programme;
5. Attend all league meetings as a representative of Huili School Shanghai;
6. Work collaboratively with the Heads of Primary and Secondary PE, Head of Aquatic to support the delivery of the academic and CCA in this subject area;
7. Work collaboratively with the Director of Arts to ensure parity and alignment of vision and direction for the overall CCA programme of the school


1. Line manage Head of Primary and Secondary PE, Head of Aquatic, assist them in their personal and professional development and leadership of their teams;
2. Establish, monitor and maintain coaching best practice for each sport;
3. In conjunction with the HR Department, recruit and develop specialist coaching staff, ensuring appropriate training and professional development is in place;
4. Encourage and nurture non-PE staff to support and contribute to the co-curricular sports programme of the school;
5. Ensure that sports staff are efficiently deployed across the school;
6. Ensure effective communication and teamwork across primary, junior high and high school PE departments;
7. Ensure effective partnerships are forged and maintained with external sports associations delivering programme to Huili pupils so that school standards, values and expectations are upheld
8. Oversee the implementation of the school’s recruitment, appraisal and probation process within the department;


1. Create a physical education handbook of procedures;
2. Work closely with the Parent Relations & Marketing Department in all aspects of digital and non-digital media, to ensure the positive promotion of sport and PE at Huili School;
3. Oversee and monitor the relevant sections of the Huili School website and other communication channels internal and external to the school community;
4. Manage and oversee all necessary administration and ensure that relevant written polices and codes of practice are kept up-to-date and that staff are properly trained, informed and operating to these;
5. Oversee and organise sports assemblies, inter-house sports competitions, sports days and those events which celebrate student sporting and PE achievement;
6. Pay subscriptions to professional bodies, journals and for affiliations;
7. Plan and manage the departmental budget within agreed limits;
8. Liaise with other areas of the school administration including the Scholarship, HR, catering and estates management as needed;
9. Ensure all government required documents are completed on time.

Student recording, assessment and management
1. In conjunction with the other PE and Sport leaders, oversee the co-ordination of long, medium and short term planning for all pupils that will promote the benefits of physical education to all ages and abilities and through which students of all abilities will find enjoyment and fulfilment;
2. Communicate student progress with parents according to agreed policy, including coordinating departmental comments upon student reports and attending parent teacher conferences as required;


Fixtures and competitive sport

Ensure that:
1. A suitable programme of competitive sport and fixtures is provided for students in each age group;
2. Each team has a full fixture list, playing a range of schools, to ensure the highest calibre of fixtures throughout the age range;
3. The fixture lists for each sport are produced by the required deadline and that the appropriate actions are taken when there are any changes;
4. Appropriate transport is booked as required;
5. All students wear the correct kit for each sporting activity;
6. In conjunction with coaches/teachers, absences from games/training are monitored and followed up as appropriate.


Health & Safety
1. Ensure all aspects of health & safety are fully understood and all procedures followed by staff and students;
2. Liaise with the school nurse to ensure correct processes are in place such that relevant sports staff are aware of student medical issues;
3. Ensure that staff have undertaken relevant risk assessments and are aware of their obligations with regard to school polices
4. Ensure staff within the department and others working to assist in the provision of the Sports programme hold up to date and relevant qualifications, proactively ensuring that needed training is provided


1. Contribute to the academic teaching programme of the school
2. Support and develop staff with pedagogical approaches, sharing best practice and keeping abreast of latest developments in PE and sport as they pertain to the school.

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