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GTIIT-Affiliated International School is in the start-up phase. Until we move to our purpose-built site in 2023, we can only support a small number of students. The EAL & Student Support teacher will work with about 10-14 students throughout the week, providing a combination of push-in and pull-out supports to help the students meet the grade-level standards. A few students who are above grade level may receive enrichment support, as well. The EAL & Student Support teacher will provide teachers with training and tools to best serve their students. This is a split role and the only support teacher for a school of about 35-50 students. When the school expands in its new facility, the role can be split to focus on either EAL or Student Support.

• Support students with mild learning differences and ELLs in reaching the grade level standards
• Support and extend advanced students with enrichment work
• Support and train teachers in effective classroom practices that meet the needs of all, including ELLs and student with mild learning differences
• Curriculum resources: WIDA assessments and Can Do Descriptors, Collaborative Literacy Curriculum (follows a workshop model, including Book Clubs); SIPPs reading; Nessy, TCI Social Studies, Eureka Math
• Teach approximately four of six class periods, flexing between push-in, small group, and pull-out models as needed to best meet the needs of the students

Teaching Practice
• Use evidence-based practices to meet the learning needs of students, relying on multiple sources of data to target student readiness and learning goals
• Use positive approaches to student behavior management, effectively approaching student misbehaviors as learning opportunities
• Support students in Grades KG to 8 in mastering the standards-based curriculum, closing achievement gaps through targeted instruction, and supporting the classroom teachers in doing the same

School wide Practice
• Ensure approach is inclusive, and reflects and supports multiple forms of diversity
• Support and train teachers in effective classroom practices that meet the needs of all, including ELLs and student with mild learning differences
• Support school wide collaboration through formal and informal engagement with others, sharing ideas and strategies, and participating in school development efforts
• Participate in curriculum development and other school teams
• Plan and teach After School Activities, and lead or be involved in school events

Professional Practice
• Take ownership for own professional development: set goals, take action and grow as an educator with the goal of improved student outcomes
• Engage in professional reflection based on data, in order to think about, receive input on, and make changes to own practice
• Proactively involve parents in their child’s education, including timely communications focusing on individual progress in specific learning goals
• Run student support meetings with teachers and parents, documenting learning goals and progress using data targets

Required Qualifications
• Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Education or related field, with training in EAL or student support (preferably both)
• Valid teaching license/certificate
• Minimum of two years full time teaching

Preferred Qualifications
• Experience in a small school or startup, and able to wear multiple hats
• Exhibit the following leadership qualities/ characteristics:
o An inclination toward innovation
o A solution-oriented approach with a positive, growth mindset
o Data-informed decision making
o Resilience and emotional stability
o Strong collaboration skills, desire to receive feedback and give input
o Desire to partner with parents


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