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Yew Wah International Education School of Tongxiang

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Job Title: Early Childhood Teacher (YWIES-TX-2223-ECE001)
Posted Date: 03/09/2022 Expiration Date:
Location: YWIES – Tongxiang (ECE) # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Immediate
Job Description: Based on the Yew Chung/ Yew Wah Educational Philosophy and Objectives, the Infant and Toddler Teacher works in a Co-Teaching relationship and provides a safe yet challenging learning environment, support infants and toddlers’ development and guide parents interaction with their children.

• Understand and adhere to the Yew Chung / Yew Wah Education Philosophy
• Familiarity with and adhere to Yew Chung Early Childhood Education Programme Handbook and the general policies and procedures of ECE Section and the campus
• Develop and maintain a trusting, cooperative and collaborative working relationship with a co-teacher
• Be open-minded and understanding of the different cultural perspectives
• Be a willing participant and contributor as part of the ECE team and the wider school community
• A willingness to understand and work with the curriculum framework provided by the ‘Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage’
• Be alert to and understanding of health and safety matters
• Be punctual and well prepared at the beginning of each day

A. Implementation of the Daily Learning Programme with Co-Teacher
• Understand and incorporate the Yew Chung/ Yew Wah Philosophy, Values and Objectives to nurture the dispositions for a life-long learner
• Ensure the programme reflects the vision of Yew Chung ECE through referring to the Center ECE Handbook and the ‘Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage’
• Create a responsive and caring classroom play environment with intentional play centers for young children
• Based on children’s interests, plan, implement, document and evaluate developmentally appropriate daily learning opportunities and experiences
• Prepare and organize Materials and Resources for Learning
• Observe the strengths and concerns of individual children which inform the planning of appropriate opportunities for development and learning

B. Establishment of Daily Schedule, Routines and Transitions with Co-Teacher
• Help children to understand daily schedule and routines
• Help children to understand the behavior expectations in the play environment
• Be flexible and responsive to children’s emerging interests
• Provide positive guidance of the behavior of individual children
• Encourage independence and self-help skills

C. Working with families
• Make families feel welcome
• Be able to explain the different aspects of the programme with families
• Establish a rapport with parents and families
• Ensure information is gained from parents about a child’s development and interests
• Provide feedback about child’s daily activity
• Include the expertise of parents and families which include their cultural belief, practices and professional knowledge etc. to enhance the children’s learning
• Be resourceful and supportive to parenting issues when appropriate
• Keep ongoing communication with families through newsletters, communication books etc.
• Make sure that information learned about the child from parents and family members is shared with Co-teacher

D. Maintain a general professionalism as an ECE teacher
• Adopt a positive attitude towards school life and work
• Always meet deadlines for administrative work, i.e. Newsletters, Portfolios, Documentation of Learning, Planning with Reflection, Reports, etc.
• Always maintain a relationship with children that is fair and unbiased
• Keep confidentiality of children, families, and colleagues’ personal information
• Maintain a professional relationship with parents and families
• Always conduct themselves in professional manners in relation to dress, conduct, etc.

E. Maintain and Further Professional Knowledge, Attitudes and Competences
• Keep abreast of the current practice and theories in early childhood education
• Always seek self-improvement through ongoing professional development, and be willing to take risks to try new ideas
• Accept other teachers’ good ideas and share their own
• Participate in on-going professional reflection and sharing
• Show interests in wider ECE world

F. Support and Participate in the Initiatives of the School Community
• Establish Positive Relationships with everyone in the Discover Center including the Leadership, the Co-teacher and other colleagues, Ayis, etc.
• Volunteer in various ad-hoc committees

G. Any emerging tasks within the role of a teacher as assigned by the supervisors.

Job Requirements: • Native English speaker
• Holder of Bachelor Degree and ECE teaching certificate or license and Nursery Teacher certificate, with recognized qualification in early childhood education, child development or other related fields
• Minimum 2 years of full-time teaching experience
• Support Yew Chung/ Yew Wah’s values
• Have passion for teaching students
• Sensitive and responsive to the needs of students and demonstrate commitment to their best interest
• Demonstrate commitment in teamwork
• Previous experience of working with a diverse group of young children and/or implementation of inquiry based learning approach is a plus
• Previous experience of working with a diverse group of young children and /or with children from the age range from 0-3 years old is a plus
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