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1. General role description:
▪ To teach pupils in the age range 2-5 years.
▪ To maintain awareness of, and to adhere to, all school policies and procedures, and to share collective responsibility for their implementation.

2. Professional Knowledge and Understanding
▪ Have a range of teaching, learning and behaviour management strategies and know how to use and adapt them, including how to personalise learning and provide opportunities for all learners to achieve their potential.
▪ Be informed about and apply a range of approaches to assessment, to understand the importance of formative assessment, and to be able to personalise pupil learning and next steps and targets accordingly. To follow assessment guidance set out in the whole-school assessment policy. Use internal, standardised and national data to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching, to monitor the progress of pupils, and to raise levels of attainment.
▪ Understand how pupils develop and that the progress and well-being of learners are affected by a range of developmental, social, religious, ethnic, cultural and linguistic influences. Know how to make effective personalised provision for the pupils including those for whom English is an additional language, and how to apply diversity and promote equality and inclusion in teaching.
▪ Know how to identify and support pupils whose progress, development or well-being is affected by changes or difficulties in their personal circumstances, and when to refer them to colleagues for specialist support.

3. Professional Skills and Attributes
▪ Safeguard pupils’ wellbeing in school and on authorised school activities elsewhere.
▪ Plan and teach lessons and sequences of lessons that are well organised, demonstrating secure subject knowledge, and relevant to curricula across the age and ability range.
▪ Use a range of teaching strategies and resources including e-learning, taking practical account of diversity and promoting equality and inclusion.
▪ Provide opportunities for learners to develop their literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills
▪ Provide homework to sustain learner’s progress and consolidate their learning.
▪ Make effective use of a range of assessment, monitoring and recording strategies. Use Tapestry to effectively monitor pupils’ progress over time.
▪ Provide, accurate and constructive feedback on learner’s attainment, progress and areas for development.
▪ Support and guide learners to reflect on their learning, identify progress they have made and identify their emerging learning needs.
▪ To have high expectations of pupils and a commitment to ensuring that they can achieve their full educational potential and to establishing fair, respectful, trusting, supportive and constructive relationships with them.
▪ To demonstrate and model the positive values, attributes and behaviour expected from pupils.
▪ To communicate effectively with pupils, young people, colleagues, parents and carers.
▪ To commit to collaboration and cooperative working with colleagues
▪ To reflect on and improve on professional practice, and take responsibility for identifying and meeting personal professional development needs as well as to maintain a creative and constructive approach towards innovation, and to be willing to adapt professional practice for the benefit and improvement of pupil learning and progress.
▪ To act upon advice and feedback and to be open to coaching and mentoring.
▪ Establish a purposeful and safe learning environment conductive to learning and identify opportunities for learners to learn in and out of school contexts.
▪ Establish a clear framework for classroom discipline to manage learners’ behaviour constructively and promote their self-control and independence.
▪ Work as a team member and identify opportunities for working with colleagues, sharing the development of effective practice with them.
▪ Ensure colleagues working with you are appropriately involved in supporting learning and understand the roles they are expected to fulfil.
▪ Advise and cooperate with staff on the preparation and delivery of courses of study, teaching materials and programmes, methods of teaching and assessments and pastoral arrangements.
▪ Participate in arrangements for further training and professional development, including undertaking personal training and professional development identified through performance management.
▪Carry out other duties as reasonable directed by the Head of Early Years or theMaster.

Person Specification
Required Qualifications / Skills:

▪A relevant degree and professional teaching qualification is essential
▪A passion for the subject and a desire to share this with as wide a range of studentsas possible
▪Experience in designing and delivering progressive design and technology curricula
▪Knowledge of Early Years’ curricula, EYFS and Early Learning Goals (ELG), or theirequivalent, their delivery and assessment
▪Fluency in written and spoken English to enable effective communication withinworking relationships
▪Puts the wellbeing of the student at the heart of what they do and can demonstratehow they will support the development of the school’s values, mission and vision.
▪Experience of using technology in education is desirable
▪Honesty, integrity, compassion, and a good sense of humour
▪Strong organizational, self-management and problem-solving skills


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