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Employer: Sias International School (website)

2 year contract

Sias International School is the first international school in Henan Province, China offering a western- accredited international education to students of foreign and Chinese origin. As a start-up school, we are seeking flexible, creative and open-minded individuals, qualified and experienced teachers who are willing to merge the philosophies and cultures of East and West to educate and inspire their students’ learning at Sias International School.

The Sias International School Teacher manifests excellence in education by ensuring that each student under his or her responsibility demonstrates progression in:

• approaching their learning creatively, critically and reflectively
• listening, reading, writing and speaking effectively
• developing interpersonal effectiveness in communicating and collaborating
• being persistent and proactive when obstacles are encountered
• using the design thinking approach to seek answers and to solve problems
• developing future-oriented skills that balance traditional and innovative learning
• understanding and respecting cultures and achievements of East and West
• taking responsibility for contributing to a sustainable and harmonious world


Scope of Responsibilities

The Sias International School Teacher is responsible for:

  1. demonstrating sincere care for the personal and academic welfare of SIS students.
  2. encouraging and modeling intercultural awareness and understanding with all members of the SIS community.
  3. demonstrating self-motivation and willingness to assume responsibility and expend effort and energy beyond the typical school day, including:
  • contributing to the after-school activities program;
  • meeting with parents and colleagues for parent/teacher/student conferences and other purposes
  • participating in professional learning workshops;
  • assisting in unplanned circumstances as required.
  1. providing competence in curriculum and instructional development by:
  • demonstrating accurate and up-to-date knowledge of curriculum and subject matter;
  • establishing long-range curriculum and learning goals and the instructional objectives and strategies to attain those goals;
  • ensuring that taught curriculum aligns with the SIS mission, vision and values;
  • continually documenting curriculum as it is being developed and implemented;
  • reflecting on and revising curriculum activities and related learning assessment post implementation with the aim to improve opportunities for student learning;
  • planning collaboratively with other teachers in the Sias IS faculty to improve school-wide horizontal and vertical articulation of curriculum and to enhance interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary links.
  • practising a wide variety of classroom and teaching strategies that:
  • effectively meet the learning needs of ALL students, including EAL and those with special learning needs;
  • communicate learning outcomes and assessment criteria to students in a clear, logical and sequential manner;
  • create and utilize appropriate materials for instructional purposes and adjust the classroom setting to provide for a variety of learning styles;
  • draw from a variety of instructional resources to enhance lessons and ensure that lesson instruction and content is not driven by a textbook-based approach;
  • encourage student self-discipline, reinforce appropriate behavior, and manage disruptive behavior constructively;
  • allow for grouping of students in the most efficient way to support learning objectives and keeping students focussed on the learning task;
  • skillfully use verbal and non-verbal communications;
  • use classroom humour appropriately, refraining absolutely from the use of sarcasm.
  • inspiring the best efforts and work by students by continually monitoring their work and:
  • setting high expectation standards that are appropriate for each student’s ability level;
  • motivating students to achieve beyond previous performance levels;
  • returning submitted work for assessment promptly;
  • providing individual and group formative feedback on all assignments with that gives the students suggestions for improving learning and encouragement for further learning;
  • consistently maintaining updated student performance assessment and assignment records that are accessible by the students and their parents.
  • displaying competence in the use of information and communications technology and school-based software and hardware for the purposes of:
  • enhancing learning and skill development with the use of appropriate computer and mobile device software applications and peripherals, including, where applicable, AR, VR and AI;
  • communicating appropriately, effectively and in a timely manner with others in the Sias IS community, including students, parents, and school faculty and staff;
  • seeking ongoing professional development in the use of technology for teaching and learning.
  1. promoting good rapport with students, staff, parents and community by:
  • demonstrating active leadership and sharing of ideas, materials and experiences;
  • taking advantage of opportunities to learn from others;
  • respecting the confidentiality of student and staff concerns;
  • keeping parents informed of their children’s progress continuously through pre-established mechanisms as approved by the Head of School, and especially so that no parent is ever surprised by their child’s learning progress, grades or anecdotal reports presented at the end of the periodic reporting cycles.
  1. using Sias IS’s performance appraisal system as a means to improve student learning by focusing on one’s own professional development.
  2. maintaining superior work attendance, including arriving at school prior to the start of the school day to be present with the students as they arrive each morning and remaining at the school at the end of each afternoon to be available to them for individual or group consultations as necessary.
  3. being prepared to undertake any other duties requested by the HOS – e.g. instructional coaching and mentoring; teacher induction, etc.

Required Qualifications, Training and Experience

  • minimum of a Bachelor degree appropriate to the grade level and/or subject area;
  • recognised education degree or equivalent from an accredited university or equivalent teacher
  • training institute;
  • teaching licence (certificate) issued by an accredited governing body for teachers or an equivalent qualification as determined by the HOS;
  • teaching experience in accredited schools offering inquiry-based programmes will be considered a strong asset.
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