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Position Title:          Elementary School (ES) Curriculum Coordinator
Division:                   Elementary School
Supervisor:              Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning
Position Summary: The ES Curriculum Coordinator collaborates with the whole of the P-12 instructional coaching and curriculum coordinator team to ensure the written, taught, and assessed curriculum is anchored in standards, driven by a UbD framework, and aligned P-12. The ES Curriculum Coordinator works in collaboration with the Elementary School principal to support Elementary School teachers with development of viable, written curriculum, including providing support with storage of curriculum in Atlas Rubicon and with documentation of assessment of the written curriculum in PowerSchool. 
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Education (Preferred).
  • Teaching certificate for the Elementary School years.
  • Specialized training in Curriculum & Instruction or a related area.
  • Certification in Instructional Coaching (e.g., or willingness to obtain.
  • A minimum of 5 years successful teaching in an Elementary School setting.
  • Working in an international school setting and familiarity with an American-style education system.
  • Working successfully with an ethnically diverse population.
  • Unpacking standards and writing exemplary units using a UbD framework.
  • Developing diagnostic assessment that activate prior learning.
  • Developing formative assessments that assess for learning.
  • Developing summative assessments that ascertain student progress with standards. 
  • Knowledge of and experience with application of differentiated teaching and learning strategies that meet a variety of student needs. 
  • Facilitating the work of a teaching team, including successfully leading and supporting teachers through curriculum review.
  • The ability to leading and/or participating in professional learning communities (PLCs) devoted to enhancement of teaching and learning.
  • A highly skilled educator who is grounded in current best practice research about teaching and learning.
  • Committed to teamwork and collaboration across grade levels and divisions.
  • Exhibits leadership skills that support whole school curriculum reform efforts.
  • Demonstrates self-discipline and exemplary organizational skills.
  • Understands the components of an effective curriculum and vertical learning progressions.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the developmental needs of Elementary School students.
  • Effective communicator within a diverse community, both orally and in writing.
  • Emotionally intelligent, able to balance ambition with humility and effectively build relationships.  
  • Demonstrates a passion for teacher and student success.
  • Demonstrates a positive, optimistic, can-do attitude.
  • Assists teachers with effective integration of technology into teaching and learning.
  • Demonstrates passion in helping teachers actively pursue innovations with teaching and learning.
Professional Practice:
   (Based upon the work of Charlotte Danielson’s Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching)
  • Planning and Preparation
    • Demonstrate knowledge of current trends in specialty area and professional development
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the school’s program, and levels of teacher skill in delivering that program
    • Establish goals for the instructional support program appropriate to the setting and the teachers served
    • Demonstrate knowledge of resources, both within and beyond the school and district
    • Plan the instructional support program, integrated with the overall school program
    • Develop a plan to evaluate the instructional support program
  • The Environment
    • Create an environment of trust and respect
    • Establish a culture for ongoing instructional improvement
    • Establish clear procedures for teachers to gain access to instructional support
    • Establish and maintain norms of behavior for professional interactions
    • Organize physical space for workshops or training
  • Delivery of Service
    • Collaborate with teachers in the design of instructional units and lessons
    • Engage teachers in learning new instructional skills
    • Share expertise with staff e.g., through teaching model lessons, presenting workshops, facilitating study groups
    • Locate resources for teachers to support instructional improvement
    • Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness
  • Professional Responsibilities
    • Reflect on practice
    • Prepare and submit budgets and reports
    • Coordinate work with other instructional specialists
    • Participate in a professional community
    • Engage in professional development
    • Show professionalism, including integrity and confidentiality
  • Qualities of an Effective Instructional Specialist
    • Model Christ’s teachings through interpersonal skills, respectful relationships and problem solving.
    • Establish collaborative relationships with all staff, students, and parents.
    • Integrate the school curriculum with the school’s student learning expectations (ESLRs.)
    • Support curricula established by the school.
    • Ensure that personal professional goals are established and completed each year.
Job Specific Expectations:
  • Oversee Atlas Rubicon work done by Elementary School faculty
  • Assist with whole school curriculum alignment
  • Lead Elementary School teacher teams during curriculum review cycles
  • Lead Elementary School teacher teams with writing curriculum and assessments
  • Help coordinate curriculum work sessions for Elementary School faculty 
  • Assist with WASC action plan implementation and follow-up
  • Collaborate with the whole of the P-12 instructional coaching and curriculum coordinator team to facilitate cross-divisional curriculum development and implementation
  • On regular school days, be on duty from 7:45AM to 3:45PM, not inclusive of activities and meetings
  • Other duties as assigned

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