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Employer: Springboard International Bilingual School (website)

Positions for 2022-2023 Academic Year

Although vacancies are not yet fully confirmed for 2022-2023, applications from teachers who are interested in joining SIBS are always welcome.

Given the Coronavirus pandemic and the current border and visa restrictions, our preference is to find candidates who are currently working/living in Mainland China. However,candidates with outstanding credentials outside China can also be considered and interviewed.

Tentative Teacher Openings for August 2022:  Elementary School Homeroom Teachers including

  • ES Homeroom Teacher KG3-G2
  • ES Homeroom Teachers G3-G5
  • ES IB PYP Coordinator (English Instruction)


Job Description


At SIBS the ES Homeroom teaching role is consistent with what would be expected in a traditional ES classroom in North America. The class sized vary between 12 and 18 students, no more than 20.

All core subjects are to be planned for and taught.

Running records are utilized for reading progress monitoring and multiple other assessments are used in order to measure growth.

The teacher should employ a high degree of classroom management, communication skills and curriculum knowledge.

Planning time should be used to prepare programs for learning and for developing curriculum.



•  At least 2 years relative working experience

• Develop and implement effective learning programs

• Establish learning objectives and goals clearly

• Use various methods such as oral presentation, workshops, discussion, etc. for instruction

• Implement small group guided reading

• Utilize differentiation strategies to meet the needs of all learners

• Prepare lesson materials, homework, assignments, etc.

• Create an interactive classroom environment for students

• Develop classroom standards to maintain student discipline and behavior based upon Responsive Classroom principles

• Collaborate with grade level and division teams

• Create and administer grade level formative and summative assessments

• Administer standardized, school-wide assessments and participate in collaborative data analysis efforts

• Evaluate student performance regularly and prepare report cards

• Communicate regularly with parents on student performance

• Provide technical guidance and materials to substitute teachers

• Perform school administrative activities as and when needed

• Work with colleagues to identify and address student health, behavioral, and learning issues

• Conduct classes as per the designated schedule

• Carry out all professional responsibilities outside the classroom, including but not limited to:  supervision, arrival and departure times, field trips, etc.

• Participate in the staff evaluation process, which includes self-reflection and administrative observations


Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Necessary to Performance of Essential Functions:

1. Possess problem-solving skills.

2. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, school staff, district staff, and patrons.

3. Communicates effectively.

4. Knowledge of USA Common Core State Standards/IB MYP/IB DP/IGCSE/A Levels preferable


Required Education and Training for Essential Functions:

1. Valid university degree in education with a concentration in secondary English Language Arts

2. Valid teaching credential (USA state licensure, PGCE, etc.) preferable



Please submit a personalized cover letter and CV through CTJ online application or by email to

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