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Head of Division (YCIS-CQ-2425-PRI002)
Posted Date: 01/04/2024 Expiration Date:
Location: YCIS – Chongqing (Chongqing Primary) # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Other(01/08/2024)
Job Description: Immediately responsible to: SLT
Purpose: Under the overall direction of the SLT, ensure the highest standards of learning and achievement. Lead, inspire and guide the teaching staff. In collaboration with the Deputy Head, lead and manage the day-to-day operations of ECE and Primary school.
Core requirements
The Head of ECE & Primary is responsible to the SLT for all aspects of the day-to-day operation of the section and for planning for its development.
In fulfilling the requirements of the post, the Head of ECE & Primary will demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism and will, in particular:
• Embody the school’s mission and vision in word and action.
• Gain and maintain the trust and confidence of students, colleagues, and parents.
• Be accountable for all aspects of standards in ECE & Primary School.
• Motivate students and staff to aspire to excellence in all that they do.
• Build strong, high-performing teams.
• Create the conditions for staff to continue to learn.
• Be responsible for safeguarding students.
• Deploy resources with due diligence, with efficiency and effectiveness.
• Plan strategically for the continual improvement of ECE & Primary School.
Core purpose
• To lead and manage the effective implementation of the teaching and learning programme, holding responsibility for educational standards across the ECE & Primary School.
• To support the improvement of standards in learning and teaching, student progress and attainment throughout ECE & Primary School.
• Lead, manage, develop and enhance the classroom practice of teaching staff.
• To support and guide the implementation of an effective curriculum programme throughout ECE & Primary School.
• To support student and staff wellbeing and their pastoral care, ensuring the highest standards are maintained.
• Be a member of the School Based Leadership Team (SBLT) and other staff teams as appropriate and to contribute to the development of policy and planning for the school.
• Maintaining exemplary student behaviour that encourages learning within a purposeful and safe environment.
• Personally supporting the life of the school beyond the classroom.
• To raise the school profile.
Learning and Teaching
• Teach cover lessons, fulfilling the requirements of the teacher job description.
• Supervise the responsibilities and performance of Teachers and Leaders across the ECE & Primary School with regard to learning & teaching, including curriculum planning & implementation, assessment and reporting, and classroom environment.
• Encourage and support the development of innovative learning & teaching programmes, assisting teachers pilot such efforts when appropriate.
• In collaboration with Deputy Head of ECE & Primary, Team Leaders and ITD, oversee the implementation of internal and external assessments across the ECE & Primary School
• In collaboration with Team Leaders and Deputy Head, co-ordinate the collection and analysis of student assessment data across the ECE & Primary School
• Monitor individual and whole staff needs for ongoing training and development and provide this training / co-ordinate appropriate personnel to do so.
• Have responsibility for the policies and procedures within ECE & Primary School curriculum, teaching and learning, assessment, recording and reporting.
• Oversee the development, organisation and implementation of the ECE & Primary School’s curriculum.
• Ensuring that information on student progress is used to improve teaching and learning, to inform and motivate students, to inform parents, to provide necessary references for other educational institutions and employers and to aid the Foundation in their oversight of the school.
• Oversee the planning and allocation of resources designed to facilitate the planned curriculum, including advising SLT on current/anticipated needs for staff and other resources.
• Oversee the planning and co-ordination of a ECE & Primary School homework policy and the administration of a homework timetable.
• Provide guidance and support to ECE & Primary Staff in implementing schemes of work and ensure that statutory and school policies are being met.
• In collaboration with the Head of SSD, ensure that arrangements are in place for the identification and support of children of all abilities.
Leadership and Management
• Positively promote the Mission, Principals and Practices of the Foundation within and beyond the school community.
• Fostering a culture of respect, equity, ambition, leadership, responsibility, and integrity.
• To support the development of effective curriculum, learning & teaching and assessment practices, student tracking and analysis of external and internal data.
• Leading, mentoring and managing the performance and professional development of the ECE & Primary Leadership Team
• Ensuring that the middle leaders are effective in leading their teams
• Working with the SLT to recruit and retain the highest quality teachers, including participation in interviews and selection.
• Organising initial and ongoing induction for new teachers.
• Contributing to the professional development of teachers.
• Promote and support staff wellbeing.
• In collaboration with the Deputy Head of ECE & Primary and SLT, lead staff meetings for discussion of common matters.
• Effectively communicate with teachers, team/ subject leaders, SBLT & SLT.
• Deputise for the Western Co-Principal in their absence.
• Be a positive role model to students and staff in the ECE & Primary School as a whole, in standards of presentation, personal and professional conduct.
• Liaise with Deputy Head, Team & Subject Leaders for the effective continuity, progression and transition of students between relevant sections of the school.
• Contribute to design and implementation of the school’s Improvement and Strategic planning.
• Monitoring, evaluating, and improving standards of teaching through the use of lesson observation, work scrutiny and assessment data.
• Carry out staff appraisals in line with the school’s appraisal process (QFLT).
• Contribute to the School Self Evaluation process.
Parents and Students
• Assist with the provision of comprehensive information about the beliefs and practices of the ECE & Primary School through Parent Handbook and other documentation.
• Communicate openly with teachers and parents about student issues to develop an action plan/ consequence to support a resolution.
• In collaboration with School Office, Deputy Head of ECE & Primary, assist with the organisation of ‘Learning Conferences’, parents’ workshops/ presentations and school reporting.
• Meet, as necessary, prospective students and families to explain the nature and suitability of the programme and the subjects, assessing if they should be offered a place within the school.
• Ensuring that parents are regularly informed about their child’s progress, attainment and achievement and ensuring that they know how to support their child’s learning.
• Through weekly updates, newsletters etc. inform parents of key events, trips and residential with sufficient notice for families to plan, logistically and financially.
• Ensuring that the achievements of students and staff are recognised and celebrated.
• Maintaining a high standard of presentation in all printed and on-line materials relating to ECE & Primary School.
• Working with parent representatives and Year Group representatives, meeting with them on a regular basis.
• Organising and presenting at parent workshops.
• Directing the strategic planning of cohesive seamless transition across year groups and all key stages.
• Promoting a culture of safety and happiness within the school and valuing all individuals within the school
• Ensuring that there is a safe and supportive culture across the school, adhering to robust safeguarding practices, student behaviour processes and attendance monitoring.
School Administration and Resources
• In collaboration with the Deputy Head of ECE & Primary, check and issue student written reports in accordance with the reporting calendar.
• Creating and maintaining an annual calendar of Primary School events, considering the operation of the whole school.
• Managing the ECE & Primary School budgets for annual orders, classroom supplies, PD, trips.
• Working with the Marketing, Admissions Team to attract and recruit students and ensuring effective induction for new students and families.
• Assisting in whole school marketing initiatives and contributing to the growth of the school.
• Ensure there is a safe, challenging working environment and attractive, welcoming classrooms across the ECE & Primary School.
• Hold meetings with staff as necessary to ensure that information is communicated clearly and promptly and that administrative procedures are supported.
• In collaboration with School Office, Deputy Head of ECE & Primary and SLT support the completion of timetable design, teacher cover and duty rotas.
• Collaborate with HoDs and other staff in submission of orders for resources, furniture and equipment.
• Attend SBLT meetings regularly.
Other professional requirements
• Respond to and initiate all communication with the Yew Chung Education Foundation (YCEF) on all matters related to teaching and learning.
• Maintain complete records of all aspects of the YCIS programme and all communication with YCEF.
• Set up systems for communication and collaboration among all staff members involved in implementing the YCIS teaching and learning programme.
• Ensure that all requirements and procedures set by the YCEF, concerning the programme, are adhered to.
• Respond to requests for information from the YCEF.
• Provide a liaison between the school and the YCEF.
• Support staff collegially, assist with conflict resolution as needed and maintain confidentiality and when dealing with professional issues.
• Be aware of the need to take responsibility for your own professional development.
• Carry out any other reasonable duties as directed by the SLT.
Job Requirements:

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