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Head of Lower Primary
Deputy Head of Primary
The Head of Lower Primary reports directly to the Deputy Head of Primary
The Head of Lower Primary has specific responsibility for the creation and maintenance
of a positive culture for learning within the school and oversight of the care, wellbeing,
behaviour and positive personal development of students from Grade 1 to Grade 5.
The Head of Lower Primary enables learning environments to be spaces in which
students feel safe, valued, and embrace challenges, and in which parent partnerships
flourish. They also actively contribute to staff performance strategies and the
operational systems that enhance the quality of education within the Primary School.
The Head of Lower Primary works closely with counterparts in the secondary school
to ensure whole school systems, processes and policies are up-held, reflected upon and
refined. The Head of Lower Primary will have line management of Year Level
coordinators and work closely with the school’s counselling team.
The Head of Lower Primary will be well-qualified, experienced, imaginative,
collaborative and ambitious to make a positive difference to the learning culture of the
school. Building trusting working relationships, talking optimistically about the future,
demonstrating a strong sense of purpose and helping others to develop their strengths
will be evidence of the Head of Lower Primary’s ability to lead within the school
The key responsibilities of the role are to:
Support and enhance student care, wellbeing and positive personal development
providing leadership of the Grade Level coordinators to ensure that every
student is known, respected and supported as an individual in achieving their
devising a strong and distinctive school wide pastoral care system with common
expectations, targeted instruction, positive reinforcement, identified support
strategies and intervention processes
working with relevant colleagues in the secondary school and broader student
support team to ensure that all students have access to guidance and counselling
both in handling personal difficulty and in achieving personal potential
working with the Deputy Head of Primary in liaising with the Schools’ Health
Centre and the provision of appropriate medical care and response within the
work in collaboration with the Deputy Head of Primary to ensure targeted
instruction takes place for the core learning area of personal development and
Promote positive student behaviour and agency of learning
reviewing, monitoring and maintaining the School’s class management systems
guided by the principles of Positive Behaviour Management and implementation
of the Pyramid of Behaviour Intervention
taking responsibility for behaviour investigations in accordance with the School’s
class management philosophy and standards
defining the student code of conduct and supporting staff in monitoring whole
school approaches for articulation and adherence with the student body
implementation of professional learning through which staff strengthen their
applied knowledge of how to successfully create and sustain a positive culture of
learning and effective class management
providing common behavioural expectations and the application of class
management plans that enable students to take personal responsibility for their
maintaining an attractive and stimulating physical learning environment in which
student learning is visible and curiosity fostered
Contribute to teacher recruitment, induction and ongoing development
contribute proactively to the implementation and oversight of an informative and
motivational teacher appraisal process
facilitating the inclusion and mentoring of trainee teachers/interns
oversee teacher award and recognition programs; internally and those offered
beyond the School
assist with the coordination of recruitment systems for Primary School
positions, including induction, mentoring, appraisal and probation procedures
provide guidance for whole school approaches dedicated to the maintenance of
staff care and wellbeing
contribute to the oversight of staff grievance and performance management
promote the celebration and recognition of staff for their achievements
promote a strong sense of collegiality and collaboration amongst the staff; in
particular across cohorts, departments and campuses
Contributed proactively to the successful daily operation of the Primary School, ensuring a safe learning environment for all
contribute to the coordination of staff cover
contribute to the administration of the Primary School calendar
oversee the Primary School’s compliance of emergency plans, Work Health and
Safety policies, Safeguarding policy, medical policies and the like
ensure a system to regularly review with the Primary School staff all emergency
plans, Work Health and Safety policies, Safeguarding policies, and medical
supervise the successful implementation of risk management and incident
reporting processes
contribute to the school’s communication plan; internal communication and
communication with the broader school community
assist the Deputy to undertake responsibility for the daily operation of the
Primary School
Devise and oversee the ongoing implementation of a home /school partnership strategy which
focuses on connecting learning at home and at school
strengthens communication avenues
builds community and identity
recognizes the important role of the family in a student’s life
enables consultative decision-making around key initiatives
promotes collaborating beyond the bounds of the immediate school community
seeks to engage with Parents Representatives positively and proactively
promotes drawing on parental expertise in the learning environmentoffers professional development opportunities for staff members to promote
successful parent engagement; including how to communicate in a manner that
demonstrates value and mutual respect
As a member of the Primary School Leadership Team, the Head of Lower and Head of Upper Primary is also expected to:
represent the school at School and community events
seek and develop opportunities for positive collaboration with other schools
participate in the school’s student admission and staff recruitment process
participate fully in leadership team activities, meetings and professional
take a high-profile leading role in setting a positive tone amongst students, staff
and parents
participate in the co-curricular life of the School
undertake teaching requirements as outlined by the Head of Primary
model exemplary teaching practice
attend school events outside of regular school hours as deemed necessary
safeguard and promote the welfare of children
support the School’s vision, mission and purpose
assist with recruitment and induction as needed
effectively undertake budget management
The Head of Lower and Head of Upper Primary will be required to carry out other duties as the Head of Primary may necessitate and as the role evolves.
The successful candidate will be:
a strong academic leader with a successful record of delivering innovation in
learning and achieving outstanding academic results
an exceptional teacher with the ability to inspire and motivate
deeply knowledgeable about curriculum and effective teaching and learning
strategies from Grade 1 to Grade 5 with the capacity to lead others
a skilled conceptual thinker who can contribute to the generation of progressive
new strategies for the School
effective at implementation of initiatives, project delivery, change management
and at building stakeholder support
experienced at developing academic pathways to maximise the talents and full
potential of all students
committed to the professional development of themselves and their staff
committed to managing a breadth of academic, pastoral and extracurricular
activities that engage and enliven students’ curiosity and enjoyment of learninga sound and efficient administrator with strong organisational skills,
administrative abilities and effective communication skills
respected for their integrity, engagement, commitment and initiative
organised, energetic and self-directed
have a sharp and progressive vision of teaching and learning in a successful and
dynamic school
be committed to the full life of an independent school and willing to engage in
School activities including, within reason, after hours, on weekends and in school
The successful role-holder must have:
excellent written and spoken English and effective interpersonal communication
excellent technological literacy across a range of applications
a relevant tertiary degree and teaching qualification
proven experience to develop innovative academic pathways to achieve
outstanding academic results for all students
the ability to work collaboratively with other members of staff
an applied understanding of concept-based learning
high expectations for all students
effective administrative, organisational skills, communication and interpersonal
strong pedagogical knowledge and understanding
Preferred experience and aptitudes:
international and bilingual school experience
minimum of five years teaching experience
demonstrated educational leadership experience

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