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Job Title: Head of Marketing and Admissions (YWIES-TX-2324-002)
Posted Date: 07/05/2023 Expiration Date:
Location: YWIES – Tongxiang # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Immediate
Job Description: Overall Description职责概要:
Overseeing the marketing and admissions for YWIES-TX, to implement the marketing strategic plan and to achieve annual enrolment targets.
Major Responsibilities岗位职责:
1. 主动与各媒体建立联系,并挑选合适的媒体,对耀华的品牌及招生进行宣传和推广;
2. 及时准确地更新学校网站和其他信息平台的相关信息,并推介给潜在客户,使之充分了解桐乡耀华;
3. 准确了解与教育行业相关的展会及各行业推介会的信息,并及时汇报上级主管,做好参加相关会议的准备工作。
4. 准备桐乡耀华的推广材料:
5. 协助挑选合作学校、合作组织机构,与之建立合作关系;
6. 到合作学校、合作组织机构进行项目推广,召开课程推广介绍会;
7. 组织开展其他招生推广活动

1. 向合作学校和代理机构推荐来的、或通过其他渠道来的有意向的学生/家长详细介绍课程特色,解答学生和家长的问题,释去学生和家长的疑虑;
2. 接受学生报名,安排学生入学;
3. 倾听学生/家长的意见,及时作出反馈。
4. 每学年初对上一学年招生注册工作进行评估和总结,包括设计并填写评估内容,对推广和招生策略给出具体评介;
5. 认真做好上级主管安排的其他相关工作。

Take up key role in YWIES-TX’s marketing and promotion:
1. Build relations with media and select suitable channels for Yew Wah branding;
2. Update YWIES-TX website and other official information platform;
3. Well informed with related education exhibitions, report to supervisor and make preparation for attending.
4. Prepare YWIES-TX promotional materials: Create on promotional materials such as brochures, leaflets, advertisements on digital/printed/SNS/TV, etc.;
5. Keep track on market dynamics, conduct research into market conditions, competitor data and report to supervisor;
6. Develop partnership with feeder schools and collaborative organizations;
7. Organize and facilitate other promotional activities.

Participate in YWIES-TX admissions:
1. Answer enquiries from different channels;
2. Assist parents through the application process;
3. Give feedback on comments from parents/students;
4. Supervise in annual evaluation of the admissions work in previous school year, including but not limited to design assessment contents and review marketing and admissions strategies;
5. Special projects as required

Job Requirements: Requirements and Qualifications岗位要求:
1. 五年以上市场推广经验;
2. 了解教育行业特点,熟悉行业市场动态;
3. 对招生和推广工作充满热情,精力充沛;
4. 市场推广与销售经验丰富,曾有较好的销售业绩;
5. 擅长与学校或公司建立合作关系;在学校所在地区有广泛关系者优先。
6. 善于沟通,具有较强推广展示技能;
7. 善于激励团队成员,具有辅导和培训团队成员的能力;
8. 具备工作必需的英语能力;
9. 熟练应用多媒体及计算机办公软件:
10. 认同耀华的使命与价值观,并在其中积极努力地工作。
11. 善于处理各类不同的工作任务,愿意在压力下工作。

1. At least 5 years of working experience in marketing;
2. Strong understanding of education industry and the marketing trends;
3. Enthusiastic and energetic about admissions and marketing;
4. Experienced in marketing with reputable sales performance;
5. Skilled at establishing business relations with schools or companies; Preferably well connected and resourceful in the region the school is situated.
6. Strong communication skills and demonstrated ability in public speaking and making presentations.
7. Ready to motivate and provide training for team members;
8. Good Command of English;
9. Proficient in multimedia and office software;
10. Identify with Yew Wah’s mission and values.
11. Skillful in managing different tasks and willing to work under pressure.

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