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Head of Primary English
Assistant Head of Primary: Teaching and Learning
Heads of Subject work in collaboration with colleagues across the school to ensure the
provision of a written and assessed curriculum that clearly outlines essential learning
within the Primary School; a curriculum that seamless links with EY4 and Grade 6.
Curriculum design will engage students; challenging them and inspiring them to
appreciate the subject and its application. Heads of Subject support team members
in the delivery of lessons and use data to inform responsive teaching approaches. The
Head of English will proactively seek meaningful links between English schemes of work
and the school’s programme of inquiry.
The Head of English is supported in their work by the RWI (Read Write Inc)
coordinator and English Coordinator. With their assistance, leadership of all related
Grade Level English collaborative planning sessions are attended and guided with input
from a member of the English leadership team.
Curriculum Development
Heads of Subject are outstanding and lead teaching practitioners who know their
subject content, how to teach it and how to effectively communicate this with
others. Heads of Subject:
lead initiatives within the school to evaluate and improve knowledge of subject
demonstrate exemplary teaching of their subject and advocate for the use
of effective, research-based learning and teaching programs
utilise comprehensive content knowledge to improve selection and
sequencing of content into coherently organised learning and teaching
conduct regular reviews of teaching and learning programs using multiple
sources of evidence including student assessment data, feedback from
parents, staff and colleagues and input from other subject leads
establish effective methods of assessment of students’ work, analysing
the results and implementing changes to teaching and learning as a result
keep up-to-date with subject developments outside the school and bringing
them to the attention of colleagues
provide advice and guidance about future developments in curriculum,
pedagogy, staffing and resourcing
offer active liaison with colleagues in the Junior High and Nursery to ensure
alignment of curriculum and timely sharing of information in respect of
assessment and student progress
provide considered input into the development of Subject handbooks
for staff and parents
guide the writing of academic reports on students by staff in the department
Lead and Inspire Others
Heads of Subject provide effective leadership of staff and therefore build and
maintain a collaborative teaching team focused on the continual enhancement of
each other’s practice and the attainment of high academic standards for students.
Heads of Subject:
Teach demonstration lessons for colleagues to share best classroom practice
set high expectations and lead colleagues to set and pursue challenging
professional goals
lead colleagues to plan, implement and review the effectiveness of their
learning and teaching schemes of work and programs
mentor and coach colleagues to review, modify and expand their
repertoire of teaching strategies
foster, by example, a spirit of academic enquiry within the department
provide an effective induction programme for new members
of the department
arrange for the observation of teaching as a matter of good practice and
to provide instructional feedbackarrange and lead whole of school CPD sessions according to need and
school priorities
distribute leadership responsibilities to create a sense of teamwork
within the department and aid professional development
assist with the school’s annual appraisal, induction and other such review
devise and lead the provision of effective and ongoing professional
learning opportunities for those within the department
ensure that staff are aware of pupils with learning, medical, social or
other difficulties and providing appropriate support;
managing relief teaching when staff are absent;
support and mentor teachers in their timely and effective reporting of
information to parents through the various channels for communication
that the school supports
Contribute to the Broader Life of the School
Heads of Subject demonstrate and share their own interest in their subject, foster an
enjoyment for learning the subject among pupils and ensure that the curriculum is
based on rigour and scholarly challenge. Head of Subject:
ensures there are commensurate co-curricular programme to support, extend
and inspire students at all levels
ensures that there are opportunities for student’s achievement and work to be
with the broader school community
ensures that students take part in subject specific competitions both within the
school and in wider China so to stretch their skills beyond the regular syllabus
contributes to and/or leads the provision of subject celebrations
run workshops to inform parents of practice so to enable strong support for
students at home
contribute willingly and respectfully at Curriculum meetings, playing a significant
role in ensuring the development of impactful teaching and learning practices
within the school and embedding language learning intentions as part of all other
subjects within the school
Meet Learning Needs of Students
Heads of Subject lead their department in the evaluation of teaching effectiveness so
to ensure learning success for all students. Students are supported in their learning to
not only meet Grade level expectations but to ensure that they are progressing at a
rate commensurate with their potential. Head of Subject:
lead colleagues to that they encourage students to pursue
challenging goals
foster high expectations of students and high standards for the
completion of their work
engage the department in reviewing students’ work and the results from
common formative assessment so to provide feedback to students,
strengthen shared practice and implement intervention planning as required
lead and evaluate moderation activities that ensure consistent and
comparable judgements of student learning to meet curriculum
and school requirements
Holder of Bachelor Degree or above, teaching certificate
Majored in English or related
Native English speaker
Support Huili Values
All staff are expected to uphold the School’s values by:
safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
supporting and promoting the School’s culture, reputation and strategic
complying with the School’s Code of Conduct and other policy and regulatory
building relationships with students, staff and parents based on respect, trust and
shared purpose
behaving ethically and with appropriate confidentiality and sensitivity
modelling punctuality and adherence to organisational deadlines
Excellent written and spoken English and effective interpersonal communication
skills (native English speaker)
Excellent technological literacy across a range of applications
A relevant tertiary degree and teaching qualification
Proven experience to develop innovative academic pathways to achieve
outstanding academic results for all students
The ability to work collaboratively with other members of staff
An applied understanding of concept-based learning
The ability to be committed to having high expectations for all students
Effective administrative and organisational skills.
Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
Excellent subject knowledge
Commitment to the full life of an independent school
Strong pedagogical knowledge and understanding
International and bilingual school experience
Minimum of two years teaching experience
Previous experience in leading an academic department in a Primary School
Commitment to lifelong learning. Ability to embrace change.
Strong passion for the education of young children
Confident in Microsoft Office (Excel and PowerPoint) and database systems. Ability
to work to tight timelines.
Personal integrity, accountability and credibility.
Strong mind-set for continuous improvement to meet or exceed expectations.
Please submit CV and cover letter, together with an application form
(available to download from https://www.wellingtoncollege.cn/careers) in English and email
to jobs.hss@huilieducation.cn.
Please note that any application with missing materials will not be considered.
Wellington College China Schools are totally committed to safeguarding the welfare of
children and young people and expects the same from its employees. All new staff will be
subject to enhanced pre-employment clearance, including identity checks, criminal
background checks, qualifications checks and employment checks to include an exploration
of any gaps in employment.

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