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1. Assist the Master in the development of the strategic direction of the school and provide professional leadership and management of School Development Plan priorities
2. Support the Master in ensuring the vision for the school is clearly articulated, shared, understood and acted upon effectively by all. Demonstrate the vision and values of the school in everyday work and practice, motivating and working with others to create an integrated school culture and positive climate
3. Together with the SLT, provide and develop positive solutions to achieve diversity, dignity and equality in all aspects of delivery and engagement with the broader community
4. Support the Master to act in accordance with legislation affecting the conduct of the school, particularly that governing health and safety matters and employment rights.
5. Drive innovation in education, ensuring that the school can respond to a changing external
environment and that the skills, learning and aspirations of the students are developed and enhanced. 6. Develop strategic approaches to support and monitor positive transformational change across all aspects of school life.
7. Operate a risk management strategy including all aspects of Health and Safety provision.
8. Ensure that the physical resources of the school are utilised as effectively and efficiently as possible.
9. Play a key role in formulating the aims and objectives of the primary school
10. Line manage the primary senior management team and cross school senior leaders as needed.
11. Undertake the professional duties of the Head of Primary as reasonably delegated and requested by the Master


1. Provide professional leadership and management of teaching and learning throughout the Primary School.
2. Create a culture and environment in the primary school in which young people thrive and thus drive-up educational standards and improve outcomes for all.
3. Establish a vision and education model for delivering an effective bilingual curriculum incorporating the relevant mandatory elements of the Chinese curriculum, supplemented by best practice in international education.
4. Ensure the primary school curriculum is of an excellent quality and appropriate accreditation is sought and maintained.
5. Lead on developing and reviewing the framework of the curriculum, including assessment structures and pastoral systems to ensure continuity and progression throughout the school.
6. Support the continued development of excellent teaching at Huili, remaining open to changes in pedagogy whilst embedding best practice as it arises.
7. Oversee the process of setting academic targets for Primary pupils and work towards their achievement.
8. Work with the academic teams in monitoring pupil progress and achievement, including planning for and implementing interventions and extension.
9. Assist with the collection and use of school data (where appropriate) internally to support pupil development and externally for a wider group of stakeholders, including governors.
10. Ensure systems are established and maintained to support the physical, emotional and social development of the individual student.
11. Be familiar with a range of primary curriculums, including IPC and PYP, the English National Curriculum or Chinese National Curriculum.


1. Recruit, manage, develop and motivate a committed, effective and diverse workforce that has a clear understanding of the vision of the school and where individuals have personal role clarity enabling and promoting high quality learning.
2. Direct the primary school SMT to create and implement the strategic plan which identifies priorities and targets for ensuring that pupils achieve high standards and make progress, increasing teacher’s effectiveness and securing school improvement.
3. Implement and sustain effective systems for the management of staff performance, incorporating appraisal and objective setting through the performance management for teachers, participate as a performance reviewer.
4. Ensure that professional development opportunities for all staff are linked to individual and school needs through performance management and the school development plan.
5. Develop those around them through appropriate distributed leadership and encouragement of agency wherever possible.
6. Direct deployment of staffing and manpower throughout the primary school.


1. Design, develop, implement and review all Primary policies and strategic plans in consultation with the relevant members of the primary SMT.
2. Devise an effective transition programme between phases in primary school.
3. Work in partnership with parents to raise educational standards, promoting lifelong learning, and improving outcomes for all. Manage parental concerns and communications.
4. Manage serious disciplinary matters relating to staff and students within the Primary School.
5. Draw-up the Primary academic calendar, in consultation with the relevant members of the SMT.
6. Ensure that the primary school curriculum and timetable are suitable for the school’s standards of teaching and learning and are implemented and communicated effectively.
7. Ensure all WCC safeguarding requirements are met.
8. Control budgets and finances within the Primary school and offer direction and support to subject leaders when aspects of financial responsibility are delegated to them.
9. Collect and disseminate all information relating to the Primary for use in marketing, information forum and so forth.
10. Work closely with the Admissions and the Marketing department to develop effective and innovative forms of pupil recruitment and retention.
11. Work closely with the HR team to implement recruitment strategy to achieve hiring targets for primary academic staff and support with non-academic administrative staff.


1. Sustain effective, positive working relationships with all staff, pupils, parents and the local community.
2. Establish positive relationships with the local authorities such as Shanghai Municipal Education Committee, Pudong Education bureau and Pudong Education Institute of Learning.
3. Foster and enhance strong links with Wellington College UK, Wellington College China schools and other schools in the Wellington family.
4. Coordinate strong links with the Head of Secondary to devise an effective transition programme into the Secondary from the Primary.
5. Build the school’s profile and impact within the wider community.

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