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Job Overview



Employer: Beijing SMIC Private School (website)

Job Purpose

  • Facilitate intensive academic vocabulary development.
  • Teach students about the structure and content of the English language, including proper grammar, writing structure, and rhetorical devices.
  • Teach study skills and habits necessary for success in English medium classes.
  • Develop a culture of reading through stories, articles and research.
  • Develop and teach critical writing and citation.
  • Help students interpret a variety of texts including fiction, nonfiction, history, and science.
  • Develop students’ ability to analyze texts at different levels.
  • Equip students to learn through collaboration, research, and writing projects.

SMIC High School-International’s English curriculum is designed to prepare learners for success in university studies abroad. It is designed to improve vocabulary, reading comprehension, and composition skills. It teaches the study skills and habits essential for a western style of education. The analytical and writing skills that students develop in SMIC’s English courses prepare them for success in Western universities. Advanced Placement courses provide college level challenge to students who are academically prepared.


Job Duties

  • Teach 20 periods a week from Monday to Friday.
  • Create lesson plans and modify throughout the year. Utilize various curriculum resources in planning.
  • Observe and evaluate student’s performance through varied assessments.
  • Grade tests and homework in a timely manner.
  • Maintain grade books, especially online.
  • Create a positive educational climate and manage student behavior in the classroom.
  • Communicate clearly in and out of the classroom with students and parents.
  • Attend staff meetings and professional development sessions.
  • Learn through observations of self and of peers.
  • Participate in school wide events.
  • Take an active role in required meetings (departmental; grade level; committees, faculty; etc.)
  • Assist with additional duties as assigned
  • Promote the High School ESLRs: Oral and written communication skills, collaboration, self-directed learning, critical and creative thinking.


Professional Skills

  • Fluent in both oral and written English at a professional standard
  • Demonstrate commitment to integrated education at the secondary level, including innovation, technology, and best practices
  • Design units to support the students’ core courses and develop necessary skills
  • Knowledgeable about ESL teaching methods and techniques appropriate at the high school level
  • Comfortable working in a school that embraces western style educational philosophies
  • Comfortable with computers for school related purposes including enhancing instruction, data management, email, and MS Office programs
  • Able to instruct students to use technology effectively for academic purposes
  • Desire to actively engage in professional development opportunities as provided by the school or through individual initiative
  • Flexible in adapting to a multi-cultural environment with school community members of many nationalities
  • Flexible in adapting to unexpected changes such as class schedules, meetings, parent teacher conferences, and substituting for absentee teachers



  • Bachelor’s degree and above in secondary education or other closely related fields
  • Have background of conducting research in a professional setting
  • Experience in teaching English language for at least 3 years
  • Teaching Certification from a recognized institution



  • Start Salary: 28,000 – 37,000 RMB/month based on qualification and experience
  • Subsidized housing provided
  • Home Visit Travel Allowance : Additional 12,000 RMB/year to subsidize for travel (Paid 1,000 RMB monthly)
  • Relocation Allowance (One-time only per employee/family if both employed)
  • Moving from overseas:
  • A one-off relocation allowance will be payable in Chinese local currency RMB, following the guideline of 6,000RMB per single teacher and 12,000RMB per family
  • Moving from mainland China: 3,000RMB per single teacher and 6,000RMB per family
  • Pay review : Annual salary adjustment subject to overall school profit and individual evaluation performance
  • Paid Vacations in winter, summer and other paid holidays based on national statutory holiday’s arrangement
  • Full worldwide health insurance- MSH Insurance
  • Children’s SMIC School Tuition: Free for first child, 50-70% discount for second child depending on different program​



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