Homeroom Teacher, Qiaorui Kindergarten

Suzhou Wujiang Qiaorui Kindergarten

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Employee works as a homeroom English teacher in Wujiang District, Suzhou City. From Monday to Friday (8am to 4:30pm)

English Teacher’s Duties

  1. Arrive promptly daily to prepare class. Responsible for safety and educational achievements of students. Perform takes necessary to maintain a clean, orderly and attractive environment including upkeep and inventory of materials.
  2. Develop and maintain lesson plans and observation record for each student and submit to the Kindergarten on time, in full and to a satisfactory level of quality.
  3. Provide for parent conferences, meetings and communication in accordance with Kindergarten policy. Call to the attention of the supervisor any students with special difficulties or needs and be prepared to discuss with parents. Call to the attention of the supervisor all concerns of the parents.
  4. Meet with the supervisor to plan curriculum direction. Substitute for unscheduled absences of other teachers. Give professional classes based on the Kindergarten class schedule. Work with students of various abilities assigned to classroom; including those with learning disabilities. Protect the privacy and confidentiality of each student of the class.
  5. Attend and participate in Kindergarten functions that relate to position or teaching level and attend Parent Association functions in support of the Kindergarten community.
  6. Understand and promote the Kindergarten’s mission, purposes and objectives and policies to parents in a positive and supportive manner.
  7. Arrange and attend meetings, open house, camping or any marketing activities planned by the Kindergarten.


Job Requirements

  1. English native speaker, bachelor degree or above
  2. At least 1 years working experience as a teacher, international kindergarten background is preferred;
  3. Strong English expression skills, lively lectures, broad knowledge;
  4. Love the teaching industry, pioneering thinking, good at improving the teaching process through teaching reflection, and helping students improve their abilities in all aspects.



  1. In addition to the 11-day legal holiday in China, we also provide a 20-day winter vacation, a 2-3week summer vacation and a 2-day Christmas vacation paid.
  2. Reimbursement of air tickets per year with a limit of 5000.
  3. Provide housing allowance of 2,000 yuan per month.
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  • Location Suzhou
  • Full Address Meishi Road No.18, Songling Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City
  • School Type Private School