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Beijing Keystone School is a non-profit, innovative and unique Chinese school. We have an advanced academic program with a strong focus on China’s national identity, language, culture and history. We have a one-to-one laptop program for Macs from Pre-K to Grade 12. At the elementary level, we have a fully integrated technology approach. Our teachers, like our courses, come from different countries. This makes the Keystone community vibrant and truly global.



If a position at Keystone is of interest to you, we invite qualified candidates to email us a cover letter and resume at hr@keystoneacademy.cn


Keystone Summer Programs recruits talented teachers to fill administrative, faculty and intern positions every summer.

If you have any questions about summer programs, please email us at summer@keystoneacademy.cn.


  • Our strong commitment to teachers
  • Keystone Academy understands that teachers need a safe, caring and professional environment to thrive.
  • Equitable compensation for all teaching staff Competitive remuneration and benefits package
  • MEDICAL: Comprehensive medical package for faculty and dependents
  • ACCOMMODATION: Fully furnished apartments in the residential buildings for teachers who live on campus and housing benefits for teachers off campus
  • TRAVEL: Flight home allowance to place of origin every year

Check out salary samples in the 2023-2024 school year
Check our DEI policy



Growth and development

Keystone Academy believes that learning is at the center of our vision and mission. At our school, learning is a life-long journey framed by our five shared values. Keystone made a conscious decision to adopt the term “growth” over the more popular term “

  • Individual Funds

    Teachers can apply for PG opportunities linked to their professional and personal goals each year.

  • Dedicated PG Days

    Days set aside during the weekday throughout the year. Students have these days off.

  • Language Lessons

    Learn Chinese or English from teachers and students – classes offered once a week.



We invite qualified candidates to email a cover letter, resume, list of references and a one page statement of educational philosophy. We also encourage you to send up to 3 letters of reference in support of your candidacy. Please email these materials to Kelli Sanchez, Dean of Faculty, at hr@keystoneacademy.cn.

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