Kindergarden Teacher’s Assistant 幼儿园助理

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Kindergarden Teacher’s Assistant 幼儿园助理

Date: 12-06-2023






Localisation: Qingpu


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“An education of excellence opened onto the world.” 


The Shanghai French School, Lycée Français de Shanghai, is a day-care school serving foreign students from 3 to 18 years old (kindergarten through high school). 

We are proud to provide several linguistic programs with a multicultural teaching staff and a high-quality education. 

Certified by the French Ministry of education, our school belongs to the world largest network of 522 schools across 139 countries delivering a single curriculum and an education of excellence recognized worldwide. 

It hosts more than 1,300 students on two campuses: one in Qingpu and one in Yangpu (secondary school from grade 6 through 12). 

In the French School of Shanghai, the curriculum is unique as it combines the French curriculum with elements of British and American curricula. At senior level students follow the American option of the French Baccalaureate. 

We are looking for a kindergarten teacher assistant for Qingpu campus.

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The Role & Expectations:职位描述 


About teaching  教学方面: 


    • To work with the teacher in the classroom, 上课期间跟老师一起在教室里工作


    • Help to take care of the kids, 协助 老师看护孩子


    • Help to do some handwork, 帮助老师准备一些手工的课程


    • Copy some documents, 复印教学材料


    • Arrange and clean the toys etc. 整理及消毒玩具等



About the daily life 生活方面 


    • Help the kids to hand the clothing, 帮助孩子挂衣服


    • Help the kids to wash the hands, 帮助孩子洗手


    • Help the kids to go to the toilet, 帮助孩子上厕所


    • Help the kids to eat, 帮助孩子吃饭


    • Help the kids to have the afternoon nap, 帮助孩子睡觉


    • Help the kids to take the bus etc. 帮助孩子上下校车等





    • Used to work with the children, 习惯跟孩子们一起


    • Patient, 对孩子有耐心


    • Pay attention to children’s security注意孩子的安全


    • Be able to communicate with the teachers, 能跟老师沟通


    • Active during the job工作态度积


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