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Purpose of Classification


Oversees the aquatic complex, ensuring the safety of the patrons in the swimming area.
Distinguishing Characteristics:
This is a specialized classification and not part of a series. This class typically reports to the Aquatic Coordinator or Director of Sport as appropriate.
Examples of Duties (additional duties can be added to ensure at the discretion of relevant heads):
Monitors activities at the pool to prevent accidents.
Rescues swimmers in danger of drowning- (Ability to react quickly according to school policy and emergencies)
Administers First Aid if needed.
Cautions swimmers regarding unsafe practices and safety hazards; enforces and adheres to pool rules and regulations.
Follows emergency action plan and procedures established in the event of an emergency.
Maintains order in the pool and adjoining areas e.g. supervising students at start and end of lessons
Inspects facilities for cleanliness; completes general pool cleaning and maintenance duties e.g. reporting repairs in changing rooms and pool area & appropriate ambient temperature of adjoining areas
Responsible for the availability and safekeeping of emergency equipment (rescue tubes, backboard, signs and other equipment).
Determines chlorine content and pH value of water, using water testing kit, and record readings e.g. reporting unusual temperature of pool water and /or reporting the air temperature within the pool area
Provides general information on pool operation to patrons.
At times, if needed, helps with swimming lessons e.g. including set up and take down of lessons
Completes required paperwork e.g. completing pool entry log

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