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• To teach Science, modelling best practice in all aspects of classroom delivery, assessing
pupil outcomes and progress, and implementing interventions whenever necessary.
• To demonstrate an enthusiastic and committed approach to teaching within the
• To understand and embrace new developments within Science in planning and
implementing an exciting, engaging and contemporary curriculum, incorporating aspects
of working scientifically with a focus on the importance of practical work.
• To advise the Head of Department on all matters connected with the delivery of Science
across the College and to liaise on resourcing, curriculum issues, exhibitions, whole
school projects and CCAs.
• To undertake curriculum development and contribute to relevant areas of College policy
• To produce Science Development Plans when required.
• To undertake regular audits and quality assurance/control within your teaching of
• To keep up-to-date with curriculum development and to take part in relevant CPD for
this purpose, disseminating to other staff where appropriate.
• To ensure the effective implementation of College policies.
• To identify and exploit opportunities for pupils to develop their appreciation of and
engagement with the College’s values, through their experience in Science.
• To establish and maintain the highest expectations of all pupils, with regard to their
progress, engagement and appropriate use of the department’s resources & facilities.
• To prepare individual and group reports and analyse and report on summative data.
• To demonstrate high standards of professionalism and pastoral care when interacting
with pupils.
• To monitor and evaluate progress towards meeting pupil targets.
• To make sure that the facilities are used in the most effective way to meet the needs of
all pupils and of the College.
• To promote and lead on the delivery of all co-curricular Science activities at the College.
• To support co-ordination and efficient use of the department’s resources, giving support
and guidance to relevant staff / technicians.
• To advise the Head of Department as to where additional resourcing may be needed for
• To ensure that all Health and Safety policies in Science are adhered to and systems are
implemented according to the Chinese and UK regulations and standards.

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