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Primary Art Teacher
Head of Art & Design, Director of Arts, Assistant Head of Primary
The Huili Shanghai Primary School Visual Arts Teacher is responsible to the School Master through the Director of Arts and the Head of Primary. The Huili Shanghai Primary School Visual Arts Teacher has the professional responsibility to live-out the purpose and values of the school in and out of the classroom.
Teachers provide a positive learning environment that values and engages students enabling them to develop fully as bilingual learners. Teachers empower their students to attain high levels of achievement and continually improve their learning. Music teachers also actively participate in the Arts co-curricular program (CCA) as this is a vital role in contributing to the holistic development of students.
All teachers contribute to the overall pastoral care of students and can be called upon to undertake the responsibilities of a form tutor (home room teacher). In addition, all teachers are required to demonstrate a commitment to the school’s co-teaching model; developing effective and respectful professional connections with other educators to enhance pupil learning.
The Primary School Visual Arts teacher will be an excellent practitioner who can facilitate outstanding learning outcomes for keen students. They will be experienced and enthusiastic about teaching primary visual arts and proactively contributing to the broader Arts department.
They recognise the creativity that exists within each student, fostering this and enabling individualised expression to flourish.
Commitment to Students
dedicated to the care and nurture of their students – their social, emotional, physical, and academic development
treat students equitably, with respect and are sensitive to factors that influence individual potential for student learning
establish respectful relationships with the students in their care and understand the profound impact that this relationship has on student learning
create a supportive and welcoming learning environment in which students feel confident to take risks
acknowledge the strengths and abilities of their students while also encouraging open-mindedness
Commitment to the Families of Students
establish strong and effective working partnerships with the families of their students
value the knowledge parents have of their children and how the sharing of this information can aid in the overall educational development of each student
use the avenues supported by the school to ensure open and informative communication and information exchange with parents
ensure that student success is celebrated and that parents are well-informed of all events at a class and whole school level
encourage and value parent inclusion in the learning environment
implement strategies to share professional knowledge about teaching and learning with parents
Professional Knowledge
maintain professional knowledge and recognise its importance for improving practice
understand and reflect on student development, learning theory, pedagogy, curriculum, ethics, educational research and legislation to inform professional judgement
be guided by the values, aspirations, policies and procedures of the school
remain open and receptive to adaption and innovation; constantly seeking to remain current and effective as professional educators
actively seek ways to share knowledge with other educators both within and beyond the school and welcome the opportunity to learn with and from others
Professional Practice
apply professional knowledge and experience to promote student learning
use appropriate pedagogy, assessment techniques, reporting procedures, teaching and learning strategies and technology when planning for and responding to students
plan for and promote the acquisition of thinking, ICT and inquiry skills in students
ensure a sound and systematic approach to the teaching of literacy and numeracy
refine professional practice through ongoing inquiry, dialogue, and the ability to critically reflect on personal growth and the progression of others
participate willingly and actively in the various curriculum and planning teams
employ strong administrative and organisational skills to ensure documentation of learning is maintained at a high professional standard
Participation in the Learning Community of the School
support each other in collective and individual learning
converse, cooperate and work productively together to help each other
strive to do quality work in all areas of teaching
take up the challenge to continue to grow professionally through reflection, action planning and implementation of new strategies and approaches
assist other teachers, within and beyond the school, in their ongoing professional development in an honest, respectful, and supportive way
Contribution to the Broader Life of the School
willingly participate in the many and varied activities that strengthen the sense of community and provide students with a broad educational experience
willingly participate in residential trips, parent workshops, and other community events
actively support the pastoral and cultural dimensions of the school
establish and maintain positive relationships with members of the school community
participate in House activities
Participation in Co-curricular (CCA) Program
actively support and contribute to the CCA program
contribute positively to the spirit within the teams or groups
promote the importance of good sportsmanship and cooperation
foster positive working relationships with other coaches and staff to facilitate a well-rounded CCA program
Other Duties
undertake or assist with other duties as requested by the Head of Primary or their delegate
Bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate
Excellent written English and effective interpersonal communication skills
Excellent technological literacy across a range of applications
Proven experience to develop innovative academic pathways to achieve outstanding academic results for all students
The ability to work collaboratively with other members of staff
An applied understanding of concept-based learning
Effective administrative and organisational skills
All staff are expected to uphold the school’s values by:
safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
supporting and promoting the School’s culture, reputation and strategic objectives
complying with the School’s Code of Conduct and other policy and regulatory requirements
building relationships with students, staff and parents based on respect, trust and shared purpose
behaving ethically and with appropriate confidentiality and sensitivity
modelling punctuality and adherence to organisational deadlines
supporting the Huili Values
practicing artist in their chosen field/medium of expression
minimum two years teaching experience
ability to assess student interests, needs and development
ability to develop curriculum
open, proactive, patient and caring
proficient in Microsoft Office and other educational software
international and bilingual school experience
cross-cultural work experience

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