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31 December 2023
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23 September 2023

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English as an Additional Language / EAL
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Ages 4-11 / Primary and
Ages 4-11 / Primary
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20,000 – 40,000


3 or more years experience

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The heart of ISA’s philosophy is our belief that all children are naturally curious, born to be great thinkers, and form meaning from interactions with family, peers, teachers, and community. The Primary Homeroom Teacher is inspired by the IB PYP model grounded in student autonomy and discovery.

Position Overview The heart of ISA’s philosophy is our belief that all children are naturally curious, born to be great thinkers, and form meaning from interactions with family, peers, teachers, and community. The Primary Homeroom Teacher is inspired by the IB PYP model grounded in student autonomy and discovery of the world. The Teacher will demonstrate practices that reflect this approach by encouraging student independence spontaneity, curiosity, and by always asking more questions than giving answers. Respect for our young learners is at the core of the Primary program.

Qualifications and Attributes

Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in area of Early Childhood, Child development, Education etc.

Master’s Degree preferable

A recognized Teaching Qualification for the required age range (e.g. B.E.D., PGCe)

Minimum three years’ teaching experience in early years education.

Expected to hold a current IB training qualification, at minimum of Category 1 level, within the given subject area prior to taking up the position,

Previous experience of teaching the IB PYP is preferred, although outstanding candidates without prior IB experience will be considered,

Sensitive to the cultural differences found in China and the willingness to develop and maintain across cultural approach.


Job purpose: In addition to the duties of a classroom teacher, to be responsible for the planning, teaching and learning within the year groups taught; to be accountable for high standards across these year groups; to liaise with other teachers in the same department where necessary; to ensure continuity and progression throughout the curriculum.


The Post-holder is:



1. 愿景和策略

  • To support the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) in providing a clear educational vision, ethos and direction for the school, which promotes excellent teaching and learning, including the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils
  • 为中学部高管团队(SLT)提供支持,明确教学愿景、文华理念和教育方向,提高教学质量,提高学生在精神、道德、社会和文化发展等方面的修养。



2. 岗位要求

  • To follow the school policy of attendance at the campus during scheduled working hours as laid down in the Staff Handbook with at least one hour weekly after-school staff meeting or training. In addition to school days, all staff are expected to attend the equivalent of 5 Professional Training (PD) days annually as and when these are organised.
  • 遵守学校规定,在《员工手册》规定的工作时间内到校,每周至少有一小时的课后员工会议或培训。除上课时间外,所有员工每年还需参加至少5天的在职培训(PD),具体培训时间由学校安排。
  • To attend the requisite staff meetings punctually and play an active part in them.
  • 按时参加员工会议,并积极参与会议讨论。
  • To attend school meetings, as requested by the Principal or other appropriate leaders.
  • 遵循校长或其他领导的要求参加学校会议
  • To attend relevant Parents’ Consultation meetings.
  • 参加负责科目的家长会
  • To promote your subject and its activities/achievements, when required, through school publications e.g. newsletter, Yearbook, website etc…
  • 配合学校宣传负责学科的内容、活动或取得的成就,在必要时配合学校通过学校出版物、新闻报道、年鉴、网站等来宣传您的教学及活动成就。配合学校采取如新闻报导、年鉴、网站等方式进行宣传。


  2. 负责学科要求
  • To adhere to a high standard of learning and teaching of the specific subject/s the teacher has been tasked to teach.
  • 督促学科负责老师开展高标准教学。
  • To follow the expectations of the school Curriculum in terms of objectives, skills and content as well as liaising effectively with colleagues.
  • 遵循学校在学科目标、技能掌握和授课内容方面的要求,并与同事保持高效沟通
  • To complete detailed and relevant Schemes of Learning in line with school policy and upload them on to public-shared locations where appropriate.
  • 根据学校校规,制定所授学科的具体培训计划,并酌情上传到公司云盘
  • To ensure continuity with the Primary / Secondary curriculum where appropriate.
  • 努力确保小学/中学课程的连续性。
  • To encourage cross-curricular approaches with other subjects, where appropriate.
  • 积极与其它学科建立跨学科学习的学习方式
  • To maximise opportunities to develop and enhance the curriculum by encouraging   opportunities inside and outside the school by having e.g. visiting speakers, undertaking field trips etc…
  • 积极利用校内校外资源,最大程度的拓展授课方式和提升课程质量,如邀请嘉宾来校演讲,开展实地考察等…
  • To ensure the appropriate provision of textbooks and teaching resources.
  • 确保教科书和教学资源配置充足。
  • To establish and monitor clear homework expectations.
  • 制定明确的家庭作业要求,并确保完成质量达到预期要求。
  • To display students’ work in the classroom and in the school generally, as required.
  • 根据需要,在教室和学校内展示学生的作品。
  • To provide appropriate information to parents about your subject.
  • 向家长交流所授学科的教学信息。
  • To lead, when requested, seminars for parents about your subject.
  • 按要求为家长举办负责学科的教学研讨会。
  • Where appropriate, to include activities to do with your subject(s) in the Co-Curricular Activity programme.
  • 在适当情况下,将与您的科目相关的活动纳入到课外活动计划。
  • To undertake any other activity, which promotes the teaching of your subject in the school.
  • 设计并开展丰富的活动,努力提高教学水平。
  • To liaise and share ideas to enhance education with teachers of your subject in your department / team and other SUIS schools.
  • 与部门/团队教师和其他SUIS学校的教师保持沟通并分享意见,提高教学。


  2. 成绩评估要求
  • To be aware of the assessment criteria in your subject and to assess your pupils accordingly and appropriately.
  • 了解负责科目评估标准,并公证客观地评估您的学生
  • To mark pupils’ work regularly according to the School Assessment Policy.
  • 根据学校评估政策,定期对学生的作业进行评分。
  • To follow the marking criteria as per school policy.
  • 遵循学校校规规定的评分标准。
  • To keep a detailed mark-book tracking students’ progress easily accessible to the Leadership Team (LT).
  • 制定详细的成绩记录表,跟踪学生的进步,便于领导小组(LT)查阅。
  • To ensure that internal examinations are set, conducted and marked in line with school expectations/policy.
  • 确保内部考试在安排、实施和评估方面符合学校的要求/校规。
  • To write a comprehensible school report each semester for each student articulating their achievements and developments areas in the subject(s) you teach them.
  • 每学期为每个学生写一份学业进展报告,阐明学生在你所负责的科目中取得的成就和进步。



5. 课外活动

  • To maintain the standards of students’ behaviour and dress.
  • 保持学生行为规范、衣着得体。
  • To undertake school supervision duties.
  • 承担学校监督职责。
  • To cover classes, as requested by the school.
  • 根据学校的要求代课。
  • To develop a knowledge of the pupils and to foster a highly positive working relationship with them.
  • 不断了解学生,与学生保持良好的师生关系。
  • To help students assume responsibility for their own behaviour.
  • 帮助学生树立为自己行为负责的意识。
  • To show an interest in what the students do and achieve.
  • 关心学生取得的进步和成就。
  • To be approachable for students to talk to. 
  • 与学生交谈时平易近人。
  • To address any academic, social and behavioural problems appropriately.
  •  以恰当的方式帮助学生解决在学术、社交和行为方面的问题。
  • To monitor academic and pastoral progress.
  • 跟踪学生在学术和课外活动方面取得的进步。
  • To help integrate new students into the group.
  • 帮助新学生融入班集体。
  • To liaise, meet with parents and other teachers where necessary.
  • 必要时与家长和其他教师进行沟通、会面交流。
  • To support school policies e.g. conduct, uniform, routines etc…
  • 支持学校的校规,如行为规范、校服、守则等。
  • To write a comprehensible school report before each published deadline as per school policy for each student articulating their achievements and development areas in the subject(s) you teach them ensuring the highest standards in professionalism are applied consistently for all reports of your charges.
  • 根据学校校规,在成绩公布截止日期前为每个学生写一份详细的学业进展报告,阐明他们在你所授的科目中取得的成就和进步,保证报告的高标准和专业性。
  • To proofread the writing/production of individual student reports in your department where appropriate.
  • 酌情对负责学生的学情报告进行检查和修改。
  • To attend assemblies and meetings as required.
  • 按要求参加集会和其他会议。
  • To support House activities and events. To efficiently and promptly complete all other relevant administrative tasks.
  • 支持学院的活动和其他项目。高效并及时地完成所有相关的行政任务。


If a Homeroom / Form Tutor:


  • To follow the Virtues / PSHCE programme where applicable.
  • 根据具体情况,遵循Virtues/PSHCE的项目要求。
  • To encourage and support pupils in their participation of the co- and extra-curricular Activity Programme as well as after-school activities.
  • 鼓励和支持学生参加课外活动项目和课后活动。
  • To arrive punctually to registration.
  • 准时上班打卡。
  • To mark the attendance, register accurately.
  • 准确标记出勤登记。
  • To check and sign the Student Planners.
  • 检查并签署《学生计划书》。
    • To hand out notices and, when appropriate, collect and distribute appropriately, the returns.
    • 发出通知,并在适当的时候,收集和适当地分享反馈。
  • To support and monitor the school rewards and sanctions policy in your allocated tutor group.
  • 支持和督促所在的辅导小组在学校奖励和决策方面的规定和实施。
  • To mentor and coach students to achieve the best that they can and lead fulfilling lives.
  • 指导学生尽其所能实现最佳目标,让学生的生活充实有意义。



6. 教学物品申购

  • To suggest orders of the necessary resources for your subject(s) to the appropriate Budget Holder.
  • 与预算负责人沟通负责科目所需的教学物资。



7. 工作能力

  • To participate positively in your own appraisal.
  • 积极参与个人工作表现评估。
  • To participate in school and organisation-wide and other professional development and learning events.
  • 参加学校活动,组织员工培训 和其他培养专业能力的活动。
  • To provide PD in your subject area, if requested.
  • 按照要求,提供负责学科领域的PD。
  • To be pro-active in furthering your own development/career opportunities.
  • 积极主动提高自己/发展职业道路。


  2. 其他职责
  • To keep the LT informed about their Subject needs and development.
  • 使领导小组(LT)了解他们的科目需求和发展。
  • To ensure continuity, progression and assessment in your subject.
  • 保证负责学科的连续性、进展性和进行评估。
  • To initiate both in-phase and cross-phase liaison where appropriate.
  • 依照具体情况,开展同阶段和跨阶段的交流工作。
  • To maintain the school’s status as a Healthy School.
  • 保持学校健康发展。
  • To support and monitor any teachers as required in pedagogical practice.
  • 根据需要支持和监督所有教师的教学实践。
    1. To always conduct oneself in a professional manner including meeting deadlines punctually, behaving in a polite and understanding way towards colleagues during meetings and all other times.
    2. 时刻保持职业专业度,包括准时在截止日期前完成工作,在会议期间和其他所有时间对同事礼貌和保持理解。
  • To carry out any other reasonable duties as directed by the Principal in conjunction         with the senior leadership of the school.
  • 履行校长与学校高管共同指示的其他职责。


Application Process

Interested candidates please go to “APPLY FOR THIS JOB“.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend face-to-face and/or skype interview with our recruitment team.

Candidates are requested to provide three referees for pre-employment reference check from current and previous employers.  The referees must be the Principal, Head of school or the direct supervisor from the school management team.

ISA is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.  Candidates must be prepared to undergo child protection screening and appropriate background check.

General Requirements for International Teaching Positions

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in relevant subject area
  • A recognized teaching qualification (e.g. BEd, PGCE)
  • Minimum two years’ experience of classroom teaching in mainstream education sector
  • Previous experience of teaching the IB curriculum is preferred, high potential candidates without IB experience might be considered
  • Well-versed in various teaching resources including digital tools to support and enhance teaching and learning
  • Sensitivity to the cultural differences
  • A willingness to actively participate in the academic enrichment and co-curricular programmes

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