Primary School English Teacher, SFLS

Suzhou Foreign Language School

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Suzhou Foreign Language School


Job Description

• To teach from the curriculum that is supplied.
• To be engaged with your class and your Chinese co-teacher and work together to provide a stable environment for learning.
• To be on time and arrive to class in an orderly manner.
• To guide the children in a respectable manner and develop their social skills as well as their social development.


Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities (include but are not limited to)

• Following your schedule and planning the appropriate lessons for your classes based on their ability and the curriculum goals.
• Plan your lessons and use available material or others that you wish to supply.
• Use different instructional methods appropriate to reach all of your students.
• Utilize the screens in the classroom to find different games, music, online activities to help with their education.
• Create a learning environment by decorating and making changes to the room for certain festivals and other activities that are arranged by the school.
• Develop and implement a set of standards for the classroom and teach the children how to stay within the boundaries.
• Apply and follow up on the approved disciplinary interventions.
• Make referrals for assistance where necessary
• Wear the designated uniform on Monday and Friday.
• Greet the students and parents on Monday mornings. Be in the class and talk to the parents on Friday afternoons.
• Prepare you end of semester exams, students report by the due date so they can go through the appropriate checks.
• Have a parents meeting every semester, and conduct an open class for the parents.
• Liaise with your Chinese co-teacher and help plan for the western activities planned by the school. Help plan for all of the festivals that are upcoming.
• Communicate with the parents through the student handbook that you will write in on a regular basis.
• Attend all meetings set by the head of your department
• Uphold the school code of conduct and all the school policies, rules and procedures in a supportive and positive manner.



1. Native-speakers from UK, CAN, USA, AUS, New Zealand and South Africa
2. Bachelor Degree at least



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