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Secondary Art and Design Teacher
Department Head, Head of School
The Huili Arts department is comprised of music, performing arts, visual arts and design
technology. Students enjoy an arts-rich programme that makes explicit and active our Huili
values and the Wellington identity. We work to develop students’ artistic skills, explore
traditions in both eastern and western arts and ensure there are regular and varied
opportunities for students to express their artistry. We aim to foster a love of the arts that is
experiential: the arts are an essential part of the human experience.
Visual arts learning happens in specialist teaching spaces and is well-resourced and highly
regarded. Display work showcases Huili students’ impressive artistic skill and creativity
throughout our school site. Classroom spaces are complemented by an examination art studio
space for students and designated informal workspaces.
Visual arts is taught throughout junior high with Art & Design a popular choice at IGCSE (CIE
board). Plans to secure IBDP accreditation are under way and we anticipate healthy numbers
of young artists who will pursue the Art option within ‘arts’ at IBDP level.
We seek a visual arts specialist who is a committed educator and who is an organised and
passionate advocate for art and design. Experience in teaching IGCSE is essential. A track
record of teaching/knowledge of Art at IBDP level is highly desirable.
Teaching and Learning
Set consistently high expectations and standards for all pupils.
Contribute to the holistic wellbeing of all pupils and specifically to those assigned to
your individual care.
Demonstrate and make all pupils aware of the Huili School vision statement, values
and identity.
Plan and deliver creative, engaging and well-planned lessons and units of work.
Assess and report on pupil progress as per the school’s reporting calendar.
Provide intervention, support and challenge to pupils in your care and liaise with
department leads as required.
Participate in curriculum meetings and pastoral meetings with international and Chinese
teachers. Contribute ideas during discussions.
Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your own teaching, maintaining good
standards of practice and ensuring progression.
Participate fully in the staff appraisal system, with classroom observation of colleagues
and a willingness to be personally observed within the classroom.
Be involved in developing, implementing and monitoring all school policies.
Provide opportunities for the community to be involved in pupils’ success.
Home-School communication
Build and maintain positive and constructive relationships with parents.
Present and share information regarding the curriculum.
Share pupil information provided by parents with other teachers as required.
Communicate with parents on a regular basis, as directed by the department head and
the head of school.
Attend parent meetings as required and provide accurate, honest information regarding
the progress of individuals and how they can develop event further.
Professional Integrity
Maintain the highest standards of care, child protection and safeguarding at all times.
Remain positive, professional and build good relationship with colleagues.
Complete tasks on time.
Provide cover for absent colleagues as and when deemed necessary by the head of
Play a full role in the weekly co-curricular activities programme.
Make a significant contribution to school assemblies, WeChat articles and newsletters,
and by so doing highlight the work carried out by pupils in the subject.
Promote an ethos of equality and equal opportunities for all pupils within the setting.
Protect the privacy of pupils, pupils’ families and colleagues.
Maintain, with the rest of the teaching staff, high standards of conduct both in and out
of the classroom. Act always in a way that conforms to the school ethos and values and is in
the best interest of the pupils.
Set high expectations and standards for the achievement of pupils and your personal
Contribute as fully as possible to the annual calendar of school events, in whatever way
Professional Development
Be familiar with recent developments in pedagogy and within your area of subject
Approach task with a ‘can-do’ attitude and a willingness to take risks and try our new
ideas and approaches
Be willing to accept others’ good ideas and share your opinions.
Support the School Development Plan generally and in so far as it relates to own area
of expertise.
Attend and participate fully in school staff development activities offered by the school
and the Wellington College China group.
Holder of Bachelor Degree related to subject specialism
Teaching certificate (such as PGCE)
Native level English speaker
Support for Huili Values and vision
A minimum of 2 years of teaching experience within the subject specialism at secondary school
Excellent subject knowledge
Knowledge and experience of subject specialism at IGCSE and IB DP is an advantage
Be able to assess pupils’ interests, needs and developments
Be able to develop curriculum
Open, proactive, patient and caring
International and bilingual school work experience is an advantage
Wellington College China schools are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare
of children. Assessment and testing of applicants’ suitability to work with children is an integral
part of the selection process.

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