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Secondary Design Technology Teaching Assistant
The Head of Art & Design
The Huili Arts department is comprised of music, performing arts, visual arts and design technology. Students enjoy an arts-rich programme that makes explicit and active our Huili values and the Wellington identity. We work to develop students’ artistic skills, explore traditions in both eastern and western arts and ensure there are regular and varied opportunities for students to express their artistry. We aim to foster a love of the arts that is experiential: the arts are an essential part of the human experience. Design technology learning happens in specialist workshop spaces and is well-resourced. Display work showcases Huili students’ engagement with the design process and their creativity. Workshops are fully operational with design technology equipment and machinery. Design technology is taught throughout junior high and is growing in popularity. Our programme of learning prepares students well for potential study of Design Technology at IGCSE (CIE board). We seek a design technology specialist who is committed to education and who is an organised and passionate advocate for art and design. Knowledge of the IGCSE in Design Technology and the IBDP Design Technology course is desirable. The Teaching Assistant will assist and support design technology teachers and the wider Art & Design department in providing safe, high-quality, well planned and resourced learning experiences for Huili School Shanghai students.
• Responsible for ordering materials and equipment in art and design technology.
• Organising stock and materials.
• Setting up classrooms/workshops for teaching ensuring they are safe, interactive and engaging spaces.
• Operating some machinery, with a view to being trained, in the future, on all equipment.
• Maintaining and testing equipment to ensure its normal use and security as part of H&S regular requirements and checks.
• Establishing the Operation Menu of design technology equipment and materials.
• Assisting design technology teachers and the wider art and design team where directed in workshop instruction of students in groups, cohorts and in class demonstration level.
• Assisting teachers in implementation of teaching plans for design technology workshops and for wider Art & Design workshops where relevant.
• Translating articles about art and design department events.
• Keeping inventory and replenishment of design technology supplies as needed.
• Maintenance of all equipment within the art and design technology rooms, providing regular reports to teachers and staying abreast of any maintenance actions required to maintain our rigorous health and safety standards.
• Assisting teachers in procurement of materials and in conducting the annual bulk order.
• Keeping rooms/workshops safe, clean and tidy at all times.
• Assisting in event management of art and design shows/exhibitions held within and outside the school as directed by art and design technology teachers, the Head of Art & Design, the Head of Arts (primary) and the Director of Arts. Specific event management duties include but are not limited to – safeguarding scrutiny of potential spaces for suitability, liaising with galleries to host art shows, preparing mounts/folders/plinths for displays, designing invitation cards, catalogues, banners for the show, logistical planning and execution.
• Assisting in logistical planning and administration for art and design technology trips including safeguarding, wellbeing and inquiry-lines consideration.
• Ensuring timely administration and communication for student’s art and design technology competition opportunities, entries and submissions.
• Keeping abreast of all government competitions, requirements and opportunities for Huili students within design technology, working with government relations staff and art & design staff in ensuring the subject area is always well-informed
• Substitution for absent design technology teachers when absence requires.
• Support and/or delivery of meaningful co-curricular activities as directed by the Head of Art & Design/Director of Arts and in support of the CCA Arts programme.
• Participating and assisting in all Huili Arts related events including (but not limited to) supporting the theatre technician and Director of Arts in theatre set design, prop construction and fit-up/set-strike for theatre productions; assisting in the set crew for concerts/shows in the theatre as requested by the Director of Arts; wider inventory and material order support for visual arts as requested by the Head of Art & Design and the Head of Arts (primary).
• Other assigned work as requested by the Head of Art & Design, the Head of Arts (primary), the Director of Arts and Heads of School.
Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent art and design or design technology qualification (essential)
Major: Visual Arts, Visual design, Design technology, Industrial design related subject.
Language: Chinese speaker and fluent in English, minimum CET-6, familiar with art and design terminology and able to accurately express meanings.
Supportive of the Huili values and ethos
Working experience: A minimum of 1-year relevant experience within education and/or working with young people.
• Good communication in English and Chinese.
• Familiar with the operation and maintenance of art and DT equipment.
• Familiar with different types of materials used in art and DT lesson, such as wood, metal, plastic etc.
• Familiar with purchasing channels of equipment, tools and materials of the labs.
• Familiar with Office software
• Good understanding of the practical safeguarding approaches to operating in a physical educational setting. Adept in record keeping, inventory logging and equipment maintenance.
• Positive and open working manner.
• Flexible working style to be responsive to teachers’ needs. Enjoys working with young people and facilitating engagement in an educational setting.
• Team player who seeks feedback and is open to professional growth.
• Open to learning opportunities.
• Problem-solver, self-directed and able to work independently when needed.

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