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The Social Studies Department at Huili consists of a variety of subjects. At IGCSE, students have the option of taking history, geography, global perspectives, or economics, with the majority of students choosing multiple courses due to the success of the department and Huili students’ eagerness to study the humanities. The curriculum in Junior High School (KS3) is unique, with students studying both the national curriculum in history and geography, and a specially designed course ‘English Social Studies’ in which Huili students extend their knowledge of key areas of history, physical and cultural geography, economics, and moral philosophy, all while building the skills necessary for success at IGCSE and IBDP. This helps them bridge the gap between the national curriculum and the international courses they take in high school.

One of the key focuses of the department is to support students in developing 21st century skills, including research, critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and reflection. Observers of lessons in the department may see students passionately participating in team debates, evaluating potential courses of action to global problems, or reflecting on how their life experiences have influenced their views and how they might empathise with others who have different perspectives. Although one of the goals of the department is to produce excellent IGCSE and IBDP results, at the same time, we look to build in students the skills necessary to be successful long after they leave Huili.

The department is looking for a professional and enthusiastic educator to teach Geography and/or History to IGCSE and eventually at IBDP level. A candidate with experience in either History or Geography as well as other areas of the social sciences is preferred. Additionally, the department is looking for a collaborator who is both flexible and adaptable in their teaching approach and has skills in co-planning as well as experience with teaching bilingual students or students with EAL needs.

We are looking for an outstanding practitioner who can deliver high quality learning to our eager students. The successful candidate will be well qualified and have experience of teaching social studies subjects to secondary pupils.

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