Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher in Shanghai

Shanghai Pudong Zhengda Foreign Language School

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Employer: Shanghai Fushan Zhengda Foreign Language School (website)


1. Develop and execute the preparation, planning and delivery of child-centered learning activities for the child in the class
2. Use a variety of appropriate teaching and caring methods to ensure high quality learning takes place.
3. Provide planning documents identifying specific learning objectives, differentiated tasks, special needs, extension and assessment, to the Principal or other authorized officer.
4. Be the facilitator in the classroom and take an interactive role with children. Encourage children to take pride in their own environment and show respect and concern for others, to the benefit of the school as a caring community.
5. Be responsible for all aspects of classroom management e.g care of equipment with resources well-labelled and accessible. Maintain a tidy, well organised room.
6. Create an interesting and lively classroom which promotes independent learning.
7. Collaborate with the Principal and staff in establishing and developing effective pupil assessment procedures and moderation portfolios. Keep appropriate records of achievement for each child in class and provide reports as necessary.

To apply you need:

1. A genuine interest in teaching and professional development
2. Open-minded, patient, an adventurous spirit and professional flexibility
3. 2 years or* above Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
4. Native English speaker
5. TEFL, CELTA, or TESOL certificate
6. Teachers’ license obtained from English native speaking countries is preferred
7. Teaching experiences in English native speaking countries is preferred

School Benefits Highlights:

  • 1. Fully licensed to obtain legal work visa
  • 2. Contract Completion Bonus
  • 3. Annual flight Allowance
  • 4. All Chinese traditional holidays, Christmas
  • 5. Paid vacations
  • 6. Free lunch provided daily
  • 7. Accident- and emergency-Medical Insurance coverage
  • 8. Fully developed curriculum and on site teacher’s training
  • 9. Reputable relationships with local education department and schools
  • 10. Easy to communicate working atmosphere with open minded staff
  • 11. Ongoing professional teacher development and training programs
  • 12. Opportunities for promotion in management, training and research departments


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