Teacher of Computing and IT Innovation- IGCSE and A Level, Guangdong

Shrewsbury International School Guangzhou Nansha

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Teacher of Computing and IT Innovation

Shrewsbury International School Guangzhou seeks to appoint appropriately qualified teachers and administrators to the founding team of our premium British brand school, opening in September 2022.

Individuals joining us will be attracted to the pioneering opportunity of shaping a new school in its founding years, opening for selected year groups in a planned manner.

Website: www.shrewsbury.org.cn

Interested applicants are encouraged to scan the Shrewsbury Guangzhou WeChat account QR code displayed in the Job Description.

The school is a through-school from Year 1 to Year 13, with an overall capacity of 2,200 students (including a local Kindergarten).

In the first year the current planning is to open at Year 2, Year 8, and Years 10-11. There may be variation to this plan.

Applicants are requested to submit their applications via the TES online application form which will link directly to the email address of recruitment@shq.asia.

Closing date: Determined by the appointment process.

Shrewsbury International School Guangzhou will offer an exemplary British (English National) curriculum (Key Stages 1-5), appropriate to our international and Chinese context. There will be a strong programme in Chinese language and culture in both the Primary and Senior Schools.

It is expected that our British curriculum teachers (whether foreign nationals or bi-lingual Chinese) will have relevant prior experience, and the same will apply to our Chinese language and culture teachers.

The medium of instruction will be English, with the goal of graduates to enter the top English-speaking universities of the world. In the Primary School there will be dedicated Chinese bi-lingual support. There will be a through-school emphasis on Chinese language excellence and respect for Chinese culture.

‘Inspiring Exceptional People’ is the strategic intent of Shrewsbury International School Guangzhou, and the motto is ‘If the heart is right, all will be well’. The Chinese motto of Shrewsbury Nansha, 博学力行,止于至善 draws inspiration from the classical texts and wisdom of Chinese culture. The guiding statements and associated core values give purpose and meaning to education in the Shrewsbury way.

The co-curricular programme will develop the whole child with a clear focus on sport, cultural activities, community engagement and outdoor education. The uniquely designed curriculum and learning pathways, both within the classroom and in extra-curricular activity, will enable each student in our care to achieve to their best potential and fulfilment.

The school has a premium boarding facility for 900 students, from Y8 to Y13. The boarding houses will be run in the style of a British independent boarding school. Living as boarders, our students will develop strong and resilient social and emotional intelligence.

The impressive and purpose-built school campus is located on the river front of the Pearl River in the Mingzhu Bay area of Nansha District in the Tier 1 city of Guangzhou. Nansha District is at the geographical centre of the dynamic and fast-changing Greater Bay Area.

Shrewsbury Guangzhou is the fourth campus in the Shrewsbury International Asia (SIA) group. The proven success of Shrewsbury International School Bangkok (Riverside), founded in 2003, created the platform to open two purpose-built primary schools in 2018 – Shrewsbury International School Bangkok (City Campus) and Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong.

The SIA schools are affiliated to Shrewsbury School in the United Kingdom, founded by Royal Charter in 1552 and one of Britain’s famous ‘Great Nine’ schools.

The existing schools represent impressive models of educational excellence, with a proven track record of primary and secondary academic achievement and whole-person development. In the Senior Schools, there is a proven record of students thriving at the world’s top universities.

Shrewsbury Bangkok (Riverside and City Campus): www.shrewsbury.ac.th

Shrewsbury Hong Kong: www.shrewsbury.edu.hk

Shrewsbury School UK: www.shrewsbury.org.uk

Shrewsbury Guangzhou will join a well-established tradition within Shrewsbury International Asia of excellence in governance, school leadership, inter-school collaboration and educational performance.

An attractive compensation package is offered, as well as other benefits per staff category (housing on campus, medical insurance, flight allowance, relocation allowance, and tuition fee remission).

The initial contract period will be either 2 or 3 years, with the opportunity for renewal through mutual agreement.

Further details are outlined in the Job Description.

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