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JESIE or Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange, along with its affiliates, was the first government intermediary organization in China to obtain the requisite approvals from the Ministry of Education to provide consultation services for self-financed students wishing to study abroad. JESIE also provides private entry and exit services on behalf of the Ministry of Public Security. Furthermore, JESIE has been granted approvals by the State Administrations of both Foreign Experts and Foreign Affairs to recruit and recommend foreign teachers on behalf of and to Jiangsu schools, colleges and universities. JESIE also has the qualification to check educational certificates issued by overseas universities. JPDE has licensed JESIE to issue non-degree Sino-international joint educational qualifications. In addition, JESIE operates the Training and Research Center for Overseas Study for the Ministry of Education, a training center for TEFL in China granted by the State Administrations of Foreign Experts and a TOEFLibt (Test of English as a Foreign Language) testing center.

JESIE operates a number of subordinate units including: Jiangsu JESIE Center for Educational and Cultural Exchange; Jiangsu International Education Consulting Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu College for International Education; Jiangsu Education International Travel Service; JESIE-Goethe Language Center; and JESIE-Institute Nebrija. Four offshore training centers have been established in the UK, Australia, Canada and the US.

JESIE provides a diverse range of services, including those delegated by JPDE: Teacher Training Program (Overseas); International Teachers Recruitment Program; Teacher Training Program (Jiangsu); Jiangsu International Forum for School Principals; Scholarship Program for Undergraduates Studying Overseas; educational exchange and cooperation between Jiangsu and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. JESIE also operates some self-developed programs, including: Study Tours; Study Abroad Program; International University Pathways Program; language training; and Overseas University Selection Counseling Service. On average, JESIE provides services for more than 50,000 people annually.
In recent years, JESIE has consistently outperformed providers of similar services at the provincial level throughout China in several categories, including study tours, teachers’ training, international teachers’ recruitment, undergraduate students’ overseas study, international conferences for school principals, construction of offshore centers and investment in running private schools.


About Jiangsu Teachers’ Training Project

Jiangsu Teachers’ Training Project started in 2004. It is sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (JPDE) and supported by 13 Municipal Education Bureaus of Jiangsu Province. Each year, we introduce around 120 short-term foreign teachers for Jiangsu Teachers’ Training Project with training Chinese teachers in over 60 teaching sites throughout Jiangsu Province. The purpose of the project is to provide opportunities for Chinese teachers in kindergarten, primary and secondary education to improve their English language teaching skills and strategies. It is also a great opportunity for foreign teachers to experience a different culture. In the meantime, this project will facilitate the internationalization of Jiangsu Province in the area of education as well as providing comprehensive support and service related to all kinds of international teachers’ exchange programs. This project is coordinated by Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange (JESIE).

Project Advantages

  1. We are a non-profit organization that operates under the direct leadership of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (JPDE) in East China.
  2. We provide teachers with a unique opportunity to face to face with Chinese teachers, deliver their teaching methodology and skills while experiencing Chinese culture, tradition and values.
  3. We only cooperate with local top-rated teachers training and development sites/centers in Jiangsu Province.
  4. We have more than 15 years professional experience of recruiting foreign teachers.
  5.  Teachers have flexible travel schedule planned by each training sites to explore China.


Position Information

  1. Location: training sites in Nanjing.
  2. Participants: kindergarten, primary and secondary schools’ teachers in different subjects, mainly are English teachers.
  3. Teach in top-rated training sites in Nanjing.
  4. Class size: 25-30 trainees per class.
  5.  The general teaching guideline is provided.
  6. Teaching length is no more than two days teaching in one session(one session last 5 days), either in weekdays or weekends.


Allowance and Benefits

1) Teaching stipend: will be discussed during the interview
2) Free meals provided


Qualifications and Requirements

1) Native English speakers
2) Bachelor’s degree or above
3) With a teacher’s certificate or a major in Education, English or Literature
4) Three years of teaching experiences or above in Kindergarten, primary, junior or senior high school
5) Applicants with Education, Linguistics, Arts, Science, Physics, Chemistry and Math backgrounds are preferred
6) The ability to obtain a clear background check
7) Enthusiastic attitude and good communication skills
8) Prepared for culture differences



Please upload your CV and supporting documents through CTJ online application (click ‘Apply for this job’).

If the documents cannot be uploaded, please send them by email to jesie.teacher@jesie.org.


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