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About Lanrun Angel Foreign Language Experimental School

Located in Town of Angels in Anji, Huzhou, where the Hello Kitty Paradise is located, the school is 40 minutes’ drive from the main city of Hangzhou and only 100 minutes from Shanghai. The school covers an area of 178 acres and is a 16-year non-profit school jointly built by the three groups of Greentown, YinRun and Blue City at a cost of RMB 1 billion.

The school is built in Chinese courtyard architecture and has four major centers: science and technology, art, fitness, and library and information. The school has modern science and technology classrooms, art classrooms, a multi-functional theater, a sports hall, a heated swimming pool, a national school, and other functional classrooms. The whole school is an open library. The green water and green hills surrounding the school are a natural classroom gifted by nature.

Naming and Feature

Lanrun Angel School. “Lan” means blue in Chinese. It is the color of the sea and the sky. “Run” means moist in Chinese. It is the appearance of a beautiful education. “Angel” was personally defined by Mr. Song Weiping, a caring and capable person. An angel not only is capable of being happy for a lifetime, but also for the world!

LAS will be a true future school, nurturing angels into responsible leaders with “a healthy mind and body, an inquisitive mind, love, and unity of knowledge and practice” to serve the society and nation.

LAS is a future oriented school with 16 years’ consistent national curriculum integrated with international teaching practices, striving to cultivate and nurture children with positive character and good habits, developing the ANGEL abilities of children that are needed for the future society.

LAS is open to the world in new era, teaching with dual language and encouraging students to learn a variety of languages. It aims to be a world-class century-old school and look forward to working with all those who desire to redefine education.

LAS has a strong lineup of educational think tanks and teachers to provide strong intellectual support for the growth of teachers and school development. Mr. Gu Mingyuan is the school consultant. 16 principals of normal universities and front-line school running experts serve as members of the School Development Advisory Committee, and 16 teachers awarded with the status of “Exceptional Teachers”, the industry Oscar in China, and professors of the Normal University formed the school curriculum development steering committee.

There are 3 teachers, awarded with the status of “Exceptional Teachers”, 3 senior teachers, 2 national outstanding teachers, and 9 new and model teachers in the provincial teaching community. The proportion of backbone teachers and young teachers exceeds 1:1. The “blue pair” and “four preparation and thinking twice” philosophies help teachers grow rapidly.

In September of 2021, LAS has welcomed the first batch of more than 350 angels. In September of 2021, the “Seeds of Love” from grade one to grade nine will come. We will invite excellent teachers with exceptional salaries and wait for the flowers to bloom together with us.


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