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Starbugs Academy (Chinese: 星吧阁) is an after-class children’s English learning school.

In China, most education institution for children’s English adopts two kinds of educational philosophy, namely international philosophy of education and Chinese traditional philosophy of education; At Starbugs, we use the most simple philosophy of education, namely sincere cooperation between family education and social education. Families provide education that is most suited to their children’s character, while Starbugs provides all kinds of subsidiary products which are corresponding to the family education to help families reach their desire.

Starbugs English was born in the parents’ creativity and grew up in numerous families’ support. During four years of growth, Starbugs produces a series of education, model and philosophy of teaching with unique feature—the original English reading method, the decoding of English classic teaching materials for children’s literature, American style English teaching method by north American foreign teacher, the insectia featured courses which combines teaching with pleasure, the education method for western thoughts and comprehension.


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