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Company: Ambright Education Group
Position Title: Deputy Principal (International)
Team/Group: Shanghai Thomas School
Class & Grade: Senior academic officer
Working Location: Shanghai


RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Administration of teaching affairs related to the international curriculum
1.1 Establish administration processes
1.2 Team building
1.3 Monitoring the IGCSE and A-level programmes
1.4 Monitoring the mentor programmes
RESPONSIBILITIES 2. Deployment of modular curriculum and update
2.1 Curriculum mapping
2.2 Curriculum review
2.3 Curriculum update
RESPONSIBILITIES 3. Development of fusion courses, including British culture and learning approaches
3.1 Establish the connection between 7 curricular modules
3.2 Develop the fusion courses, incorporating British culture and learning approaches into the fusion courses
3.3 Facilitate short-term academic visit programmes at British universities
RESPONSIBILITIES 4. Designing and overseeing professional teacher development programmes
4.1 Design the PD programmes
4.2 Enforce the PD programmes
4.3 Enlarge the PD resources
4.4 Teacher evaluation
RESPONSIBILITIES 5. Participating in the promotion campaign at British universities
5.1 Work together with colleagues in the UK
5.2 Build the reputation of the Fabulinus Project
5.3 Public relation activities
RESPONSIBILITIES 6. Teaching one course per semester
6.1 Providing 60/periods monthly

To perform this role effectively, an incumbent must have relevant qualifications for this position. Please provide evidence and specific examples of the skills/capabilities listed below, as well as educational credentials and professional background.

1. Familiarity with the UK education system, IGCSE and A-level curricula
2. Experience of senior administration within UK schools (at least 10 years)
3. Principal/head teacher experience at one or multiple well-established A-level/UK schools is highly desired
4. Knowledge of the Chinese education system (desirable)
5. Working experience in China (desirable)


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