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Job Summary

Reports to: Regional Operation Director
Strategic Direction and Development of the whole LUC-FGA
Create, implement and keep under review an LUC-FGA Improvement Plan, that contributes to the Whole School Development Plan, to ensure that appropriate priorities and targets for the improvement of pupils’ learning are identified and the necessary resources are clearly allocated.

Teaching and Learning

  • Promote and maintain an environment within LUC-FGA that secures high standards of planning, organisation, teaching, learning, behaviour and achievement;
  • Implement the LUC-FGA curriculum framework in a way that is relevant to the needs of the learners and enables all learners to achieve;
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and standards of learning and achievement for all learners in the LUC-FGA;
  • Maintain and promote an effective partnership with learners, parents to support and improve learner achievement and personal development;
  • Further develop the understanding of all policies and procedures of the school and being able to communicate effectively between the school, team members, parents, outside members and the LUC-FGA community as a whole.

Leading and Managing Staff

  • Ensure the professional duties of all teachers and teaching assistants within LUC-FGA as defined in the terms and conditions of staff contracts and job descriptions, are fulfilled;
  • Plan, allocate, support and evaluate work undertaken by groups, teams and individuals within LUC-FGA, ensuring clear delegation of tasks and devolution of responsibilities;
  • Directly manage the Year Group Coordinators in their roles and be accountable for them.
  • Develop open and honest relationships with all staff, learners and parents, providing ainformation, support and objective advice as appropriate.

Effective Deployment of Staff and Resources

  • Monitor and review the deployment of LUC-FGA staff such that the learning needs of groups and individual pupils are met;
  • Lead, co-ordinate and monitor the Continuing Professional Development of LUC-FGA staff, including support staff.


  • Work closely with the Academic Director, Principal and the Administration Staff on all operational matters related to the smooth running of the LUC-FGA facilities;
  • Provide information, objective advice and support to the Academic Director and Principal to enable them to meet their responsibilities.

Job Requirements

Location: Shanghai
1.Sanmen Rd,Line 10


  • (1) Students age: 2-6 years old
  • (2) Working times: 8am.-5pm.
  • (3) Working days: Monday-Friday
  • (4) Class size: less than 20
  • (5) EYFS curriculum


  • (1) Salary: RMB 30k+ AFTER TAX (housing included)
  • (2) Paid holidays: 2 weeks Christmas holiday; 2 weeks winter holiday and 6 weeks summer holiday; all public holidays)
  • (3) Airfare: one return ticket to be reimbursed
  • (4) International school standard Medical Insurance (Up to RMB18,000)


  • (1) Native English teachers must
  • (2) Teachers with PGCE, a teaching license, an education major or a psychology major
  • (3)Teachers who love little kids.
  • (4) Have 5ys+ bilingual kindergarten teaching management experience
  • (5) Familiar with EYFS curriculum

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About LUC

LUC education group is a place where all teaching staff strive for and devote themselves to excellence. At LUC, Chinese and foreign teachers cooperate with each other, with both teaching and non-teaching teams sharing their experience and learning from each other. In a multi-cultural environment, we can celebrate our strengths whilst continuing our professional and personal development. Our aim is always to obtain excellent outcomes for students in terms of academic, physical and emotional development. We welcome all professionals, who are enthusiastic about education, to join the LUC family.

On the academic side, we do employ foreign teachers directly from overseas; teachers who have the teaching experience in English speaking countries and bilingual teaching experience in non-native countries. The average teaching experience of staff is 8-10 years. Chinese teachers are all from top tier universities, all with teaching qualifications and a bilingual ability, as well as having taught in first-class international schools or private schools for an average of more than 8-10 years.

For non-teaching staff, we look for results and goal-oriented leaders from a range of fields to help our schools improve their day-to-day operations management, marketing and branding.

We offer a very competitive pay and benefits package, as well as a bilingual working atmosphere. At LUC, through challenging and rewarding work, our staff accumulate experience, displaying and developing their ability, in order to ensure the success of the schools’ day-to-day operations and in achieving our mission.


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