AP Psychology Teacher

Beijing No.4 High School International Campus

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Employer: Beijing No.4 High School International Campus (website)


Job Descriptions

  • Teaching load: Normal teaching load is less than 20 class hours, 16 preparation hours and 4 extra-curriculum hours per week
  • Working schedule:Five days a week
  • Student age: 15-18
  • Class size: 16-25 students
  • Curriculum:Curricula guidelines are provided, but the teacher will develop his/her own syllabus and request teaching resources under leadership direction.


  • Fluent/proficient English required
  • Major or minor in content area
  • Master’s degree preferred in education or in the major or minor
  • Three or more years of teaching experience
  • Teaching experience in American high schools preferred
  • Teaching license required
  • No major medical problems with reference to rules on health for industry of education in China
  • Non-criminal record required

Contract, Compensation & Benefit

The school tries to make diversified and optimized financial arrangements for the faculty and staff to support them with secure livelihood and career development space.

Employment Duration

Based on a candidate’ working experience level and willingness, a one-year or two-year contract may be signed with mutual consent, which is renewable with a longer contract term.

Compensations and Benefits

  • Good compensation package for twelve months including salary, P.R.C social insurance.
  • Annual compensation increase of certain level according to individual and school’s performance of then-current school year.
  • Annual Performance Bonus based on the individual’s evaluation results.
  • Airfare and housing stipend.
  • Supplementary commercial insurance so that teachers’ health insurance is 100% covered.
  • Work certificate and working visa (for foreign teachers, expenses covered by the school)
  • Paid vacation including public vacation, winter vacation (about 30 days) and summer vacation (about 45 days).
  • Other benefits such as annual physical check-up and free three meals at school cafeteria on work days.



Please submit your CV via CTJ online application. If the document cannot be uploaded, please email it to job@bhsfic.com

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Company Information
  • Total Jobs 4 Jobs
  • Location Beijing
  • Full Address Beijing No.4 High School International Campus, Biguan Hu Tong, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
  • Homepage URL bhsf.lezhiyun.com/cms/bjszy/
  • School Type Public School International Division