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Employer: Shenzhen Yaohua Experimental School (website)

Yaohua Experimental School is a private, full-time school that includes elementary, middle and high school sections, grades one to twelve. There are more than 250 excellent teachers and 2500 students, with a teacher student ratio of 10 to 1. The school is located in the Futian district of Shenzhen and in a 31,117 square meter modern building.

In 2004, when the school was first established, the staff of Yaohua dedicated itself to cultivating the needs and development of a twenty-first century educational institution, whose goals were to utilize information technology and a modern student-centered building to develop the creative abilities of students.

Ten years running, Yaohua continues to facilitate the realization of its school goals. In order to meet its goals, the school is divided into three sections: the main body, intenerational, and gifted education. The main body is for basic education while the two wings are for international and gifted education. As a result of this division, Yaohua has achieved excellent results and a fabulous reputation, as it is unique among schools in China. It has small class sizes, a teaching model that combines a flexible educational system. Some characteristics include a credit system, general qualifications system, a system in which students walk from classroom to classroom and advanced placement system.

Our results have been astounding. From 2011 to 2014, 100% of International A class graduates entered the top 50 U.S universities for four consecutive years. 100% of International B class graduates were among the top100 in U.S university admissions. Among them, 23 students successfully enrolled in top 30 U.S universities. Students Jiang Xinzhe and Zhang Zehao from the international class received a scholorship of one million RMB. In 2014, 100% of the students from the Chinese Language Education Foundation Yaohua Scholarhip International classes entered the top 8 universities of China,and 5 of them entered Tsinghua University. Xiao Ruikun,a student of Yaohua, was the top science student in Shenzhen in 2012. Another student, Zhang Yilin, received a Peking University offer in 2011. Students such as Cao Yuan, Wang Jiale and Fan Zili got admitted to The University of Science and Technology of China and South University of Science and Technology of China. They finished their junior courses within a year and the senior courses within a year, so that they were able to participate in the college entrance examination 4 years ahead of schedule. In 2011, 78% of the first session high school graduates attained the requirements for getting accepted into the top universities of China . Our students have ranked 2nd and 3rd in Shenzhen for the past 4 consecutive years in the Junior High School Enterance Examination.

We welcome serious, hard-working teachers with an interest in developing themselves, their students and helping their colleagues.

Job Descriptions

1. Student Ages: Elementary – high school, 1st -12th grade.

2. Class Size: 10-30 students.

3. Class Subjects: English, Literature, Science, Language Arts, Oral English, Geography, History, PE, Music, Art, etc.

4. Curriculum: Curriculum guidelines are provided. Teachers will develop their own syllabi and request teaching resources under leadership direction.

5. Teaching Load: No more than 25 classes per week.

6. Work Hours: Five days a week. 8:00am-12:00am,2:10pm-6:00pm. Teachers must be on campus during working hours.

Particular request

1. Native English speaker.

2. Passport and visa pages.

3. Detailed resume.

4. Degree: At least a BA. Master’s degree in education or related field preferred.

5. Teaching Certificate or TEFL/TESOL/CELTA; At least 2 years experience in teaching or counseling.

6. Clean police record (Non criminal background ).

7. Recent physical exam. 8. Last contract. 9. Reference letter from last job.

Salary Package

1. Varies from university, degree, teaching experience and position.

2. $1200 annual flight allowance after ful completion of the contract.

3. Provide shared housing with private bedroom, or a housing subsidy.

4. Provide legal Z work visa.

5. Health insurance subsidy.

6. Free meals on workdays provided at the school cafeteria.

Contact: Tracy Ou
Email :
Off Tel: 0755-83918875
Cell Phone: 13554966401
Add: No. 99 Jingtian South Road, Futian Dist., Shenzhen


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